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7 Tips For Making Your First Solo Trip An Adventure Of A Lifetime

It’s your time. You’ve finally decided to take a leap of faith, to book the ticket, to take the time. You’ve decided to take on the ultimate dream of a modern, courageous, curious woman. You’re going on your first solo trip! First off, a huge congratulations! And now, let’s get to the good stuff. Here are seven tips for making your first solo trip a true adventure of a lifetime!

Do Your Research

Before hopping on the plane to your ultimate adventure, look into as much as you can about your destination.

Sometimes the anticipation for your trip is just as good as the expedition itself! If you have a few weeks or months before you depart, buy some books on your destination’s history and cultural traditions. I love learning about the odd and quirky details of a place in between watching movies and historical books set in the location I’m about to explore! It’s a fun way to get excited and educated at the same time. (You can check out more fun ways to get amped for your trip here!)

Besides pre-planning your lodgings and confirming your itinerary, look into as many insider’s guides and solo traveler guides! You’ll be surprised just how handy they are. Traveling alone is unlike any other type of trip… and there are tons of helpful tricks out there.

And don’t forget to research safety tips, must-see sights and culinary treats you should devour!

Don’t Overpack

Ugh. This one is hard. But remember, you’re only one person. And with no one to depend on but yourself should be great motivation to keep your packing light!

Only bring clothes that are weather (and culturally) appropriate, makes you feel comfortable and matches well with the rest of the items in your suitcase. Look into packing using a color palette or adopting a capsule wardrobe for your trip! It’s a great way to minimize the items of clothing in your suitcase while also remaining stylish and chic.

Care For Yourself

It seems odd to say, but in the midst of a whirlwind trip… we often forget to check in with ourselves. Take care of yourself, girlfriend! Whether that means you treat yourself to an extra sweet, or take a long, hot shower, or you decide to stay in one night to reconnect with friends and family… do what makes you happy.

There’s truly no other time you can simply ask yourself “what do I want to do today?” – and simply just do that, without reservation or others to consider. Take advantage!

Say “Yes”

Many solo travelers fear that they won’t be able to make friendships while they’re overseas. But we’ve found some really easy ways to make great connections with other adventurers while on your own journey!

Accept Loneliness – Embrace A Solo Mindset

You are going to face loneliness as a solo traveler. And sometimes, it happens in the weirdest and most unexpected places. And ya know what? You just have to embrace it. Solo travel gives you the opportunity to get in touch with yourself, honestly and truly. So, embrace a solo mindset. You’re here to learn and grow and grapple with the elements. You’re here to see the world with your own two eyes. And you’re fully capable of handling this alone. Accept that lonely little voice resonating in your head and gently tell it, “I got this. Don’t worry.”

And worse case scenario – call home or reconnect with some pals when you have good wifi connection!

Trust Your Intuition

If you have a weird feeling about something or someone – trust your gut. It goes without saying, but there is so much truth to the cliche “trust your intuition.” Don’t ignore any sort of iffy feeling! (Here’s a post on travel safety for female travelers… if you want the extra reassurance!)

Take It All In

You’re here. Finally! Enjoy every single second. No matter what bump in the road occurs, remember – this is the dream. You’re going to learn so much from your first solo adventure. More than you can even fully grasp right now. Take it all in. Soak in the beauty. Breathe in the wild ride.

We hope your first solo trip is more than you could have ever imagined and more!

P.S. Check out these posts if you’re looking for more resources on solo travel!




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  • Harsh Agarwal April 21, 2019 at 6:31 pm

    Hey, Wooww, love your article… Great Tips, Usually while travelling, we always take so much stress and forget to care for ourself…
    Love your photos to. Keep it up

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