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Dear Dame Traveler, This Is Your Year To Travel

2019 is here. A fresh start. A new chapter. We wanted to start this calendar year off with some encouraging words for our Dame Travelers who have yet to book that trip they’ve been dreaming of. Our female travel community is growing so rapidly – and yet one of the main comments we receive is “I want to travel, but I’m scared to take the leap… what should I do?” Well, consider this to be your new years pep talk. Because we wholeheartedly believe that 2019 is your year to travel.

Dear Dame Traveler,

Life happens so quickly. One minute the bitter cold of winter transforms in to the thick humidity of summer. Our birthdays arrive with great speed. Holidays burst into life and color in just a blink of an eye. And in the rush of life’s pace – we lose ourselves: to time, to work, to obligations. We lose our grip on the reigns of our lives. 

But a new year is here. And this is your year to travel. This is your year to hold tight to your youth, your wonder, your curiosity. The fever of exploration is yours to catch. The rush of the unknown is ready for you.

A leap of faith is all it takes. A bold declaration. So, say it out loud. “This is the year I do those things I’ve longed to do. This is the year I will see this wild, wonderful world.” Set your intentions. For there are only so many “next time”‘s in this life.

This blue planet is ready, arms open – for you. She wants you to find kindness in her people and wonder in her beauty. She’s ready for you to leap, to book the flight, to have your two feet on new, fresh ground. Seek mountaintops and crashing oceans. Taste flavors unknown, savor slow evenings. 

This world is ready – are you? 


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  • Adanma Ugbade October 3, 2019 at 12:19 pm

    Hi Dame traveler.

    I live your content, very interesting and inspiring. I would love to get into travel and start a blog myself. I have tried using word press but don’t find it works for the kind of content I want. Can you suggest any websites I can use instead to create my blog?

    Thanks you

    Adanma Ugbade

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