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Five Fun Things To Do Before Boarding Your Next Flight (And Thank Us Later!)

We love the anticipation that comes with an impending adventure. The butterflies you get while booking your reservations and flights, the nervousness as you plan the knitty gritty details. And truly, is there a better feeling than when your heart skips a beat imagining the adventures in store? These pre-trip jitters are totally worth savoring. From our many trips across the globe, we’ve come up with some inventive and quirky ways to enjoy the wait and build the excitement. Here are five fun things to do before boarding your next flight!

Watch A Movie Set In Your Destination

There’s nothing like seeing the place you’re jetting off to in living color. Do a quick Google search for movies set in your upcoming destination. Pick one that sets your heart on fire or a “must see” movie locals adore. You’ll find that in between the storyline, you’ll imagine yourself there. Knowing that your own two feet will be touching the same ground as the setting of the story you’re watching is exhilarating.

Cook An Authentic Meal To Get Your Taste Buds Excited

In our opinion, the only way to truly understand a place, its culture and its people is through its food. No matter where you’re jetting off to, look into creating your own culinary meal from your upcoming trip’s people. See if there are any local delicacies or standard, favorite meals adored by many… and then see if you can recreate it at home.

And hey, if you’re not a cook, see if there’s an authentic restaurant nearby that can teach your taste buds a thing or two! Be sure to ask your waiter if they have any “must have” treats during your travels (if they’re originally from there or have family there, of course!). As absolute foodies, we love using our sense of taste to get excited for upcoming adventures.

Get A Fabulous Journal To Write In

Ah, the good old days when documentation would happen with pen and paper. The nostalgic feeling of journaling is something you will not regret while you travel! So, before you go, pick up a gorgeous yet portable journal to write in. We guarantee in years to come this will be one of the many things you’ll be thankful that you did while traveling!

Gather Inspiration On Instagram

The online space is a wonderful travel resource to learn from. Be sure to follow destination specific handles and hashtags on Instagram. This is one of our number one ways we find hidden gems to shoot gorgeous photos of! When you follow these accounts, you’ll also stumble upon the creators who shared them. If a local ‘grammer inspires you, give them a follow too! You’ll love seeing your upcoming destination pop up in your feed now and then before you depart.

Read A “Classic” From Your Destination

Get a little cultured and look into reading a classic piece of literature (non-fiction or otherwise!) from your destination. It’s so important to understand what the locals deem important to their history and people! You’ll learn an incredible amount about your upcoming trip through the pages of a wonderful book.

Wherever you’re off to, we hope you enjoy the excitement of an upcoming trip and take the time to do some of the above ideas before boarding!

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