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7 Travel Hacks To Help You Save Money

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through beautiful destinations, inspiring photography in places you know would be a life changing adventure? As a person who loves the excitement of new adventures, it can get expensive, but it doesn’t always have to be. Think about your destination, if you’re going to Paris in mid-summer you’re bound to spend a lot of money.

I often get asked how I am able to pull my trips together financially. Today, I’m sharing some hacks that I do to get to my next destination! Here are some of the few tricks I’ve learned to save money on travel.

1. Finding Deals on Flights

When it comes to flights I’ve never spent more than $900 on a ticket, even on the most exotic destinations!

  • Flights are usually at their lowest on a Monday or Tuesday afternoon. Business travelers will usually book most of their flights in the morning hours when prices are higher. Afternoon is usually your best bet.
  • Use flight apps and websites flight alerts. These app will send you a notification when prices are increasing or decreasing.
  • Check prices on less popular flight sites that monitor flight costs. Always read change/cancellation fees before you book.
  • Don’t be afraid of multi city. Connecting flights are known to finding cheaper tickets. I don’t always follow this method because I like to get to my destination’s quicker but it does work!
  • Buying tickets way in advance.
  • Airline loyalty programs can be a great tool to reduce costs even further with miles and points. Click here to learn more.

2. Joining a Tour

Tours are a great way to save money on travel. In 2017, I took my first solo trip to Peru & Machu Picchu with a tour. Tours offer packages with some meals included, hotel, transportation, entrance to places. You tend to save a lot more this way. I remember not using a lot of cash in Peru unless I bought a snack or a souvenir because most of my excursions were included. Even where I bought my souvenir’s I was advised by my awesome tour guide where to buy so I can get the best bargain. You also get to see a lot more then if you were on your own. On tours you meet a lot of other like minded travelers, some also traveling solo. I highly recommend tours for female solo travel.

3. Choose Affordable Accommodation

If hotels are too much for your budget, I recommended using Airbnb. It is an online platform that lets you rent out homes, apartments, or rooms from local people. It can often be less expensive than a hotel.

Other affordable accommodations are hostels. I know what you’re thinking! Hostels aren’t for everyone. I love to try new things when traveling and did stay at hostels with a few friends one summer traveling across Europe. I had a great experience and even made friends along the way.

Be sure toalways read your reviews! My cousin who used to live in Ireland recommended a hostel in Dublin to me. It was right on top of Temple Bar, one of the most popular bars in Dublin. Let’s just say I was not happy with him and his recommendation once I got there. But, I also never did my own research!

TIP: Breakfast in hotels. Unless my breakfast is included in my stay I usually avoid eating breakfast in my hotel. I rather go to a local corner cafe spot for breakfast where it’s cheaper and get a better feel of the city.

4. Making Extra Cash

Travel doesn’t have to come directly out of your account. If you have a skill, sell it! Maybe you have a side hustle you enjoy doing that can add cash to that dream trip you want.

5. Choose Transportation Wisely

Public transportation is usually the best and cheapest way to get around a city (depending where). I normally like to walk around and explore when traveling or use ride sharing apps. I usually have a car waiting for me at an airport so I know ahead what I’m spending and feel more comfortable knowing there’s someone waiting for me. Definitely allow the luxury of an arranged ride when you are weighed down with luggage… but otherwise, if you can, use public transportation.

6. Pick Credit Cards That Give You The Most Points

I always use a credit card that accumulate points on purchases. I get a lot of points when I travel and book all my flights with it too. Look into a card that will give you rewards.

7. Use Your Age

Ask about student discounts! If you have a school ID – USE IT! This has worked out for me so many times, even at home in New York. I can still get away with it sometimes… if only to be 22 again!

I hope these simple hacks can help make your next trip more affordable!

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  • Andreia Esteves August 21, 2019 at 4:10 am

    These are great tips! I’d also add: look for free walking tours and search if there any discounts for attractions/museums at a certain day (some citie have free entries for museums at sundays, or every first sunday of the month).

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