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The Best Of Spain: Insider Guide

Spain is a dream world with some of the best that Europe has to offer. From its stunning architecture, unforgettable cuisine and welcoming culture to the many diverse regions of the country, both mountainous to beachside, a Spanish experience is something you will always remember. Living in Spain and having traveled all over the country, you really get to enjoy some of the best authentic experiences that there are. In celebration of the launch of Las Morenas de España travel experiences, I’m sharing the best of an authentic Spain for you to enjoy.

Beach: Nerja
Living in the south of Spain is a luxury as it’s surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and one of my favorite beaches in Spain has to be Nerja. The culture and landscape of the city is entrancing and will have you longing for more. It not only has a quaint atmosphere, more relaxed than most tourist towns but you will also experience the oceans and amazing views while being surrounded by a delightful mountainous background.

Restaurant: Girasol Restaurante
Spain is known to be the “land of jamon” but there is more to the cuisine than just that. One of my favorite restaurants just so happens to be vegetarian. El Girasol Vegetariano is the definition of a hidden treasure. A quaint restaurant in the back streets of Murcia, you wouldn’t know that it was there unless you happened to stumble upon the vibrant space. From it’s colorful interior to the amazing ladies who hold down fort, you’re entranced from the moment you walk in. Fresh market veggies bought daily, they always offer a variety of cuisine ensuring that there is something on the menu that you’ll fall in love with. Not only is the food inviting but the atmosphere is intriguing as well. When I visited (the first of many times), there was an exhibition by international artist and illustrator, ZeroAnodino, covering the walls, sustaining artistic needs as well as gastronomic. The restaurant not only supports local artists but also occasionally hosts different events, catering to the entire community.

Café: Mur Café
Being a digital nomad and originally from New York, means I’m constantly in search for new cafes and work spaces. Finding a fantastic place basically feels like Christmas. One of my favorite cafes in Madrid is Mur Café located in Plaza Cristino Martos close to Plaza de España. With their delicious breakfasts, welcoming space and great ambiance, it’s the perfect place to sit down for a productive work session or brunch with friends.

Hidden Wonder: Salto del Usero
In a small town called Bullas, located in the region of Murcia, is one of the most beautiful hidden wonders that I’ve encountered so far. The small waterfall, Salto del Usero is fantastic for taking a dip on a warm day or going for an escape from city life. With gorgeous rock formations surrounding the clear water, you’ll want to stay forever.

Hotel: Chic and Basic Born
Chic and Basic Born is by far one of the best hotel experiences I’ve had in Spain. Located in one of the most interesting and diverse neighborhoods in Barcelona, you’ll find the best of all worlds. The hotel embodies the definition of minimal and innovative while accommodating everything you’ll ever need in your stay. From art lovers to inspired explorers, the design of the hotel will be appreciated from the second you step through the door. Chic and Basic Born allows for an affordable, unforgettable experience no matter your travel style.

Quick Trip: Morocco
Living in Spain gives you an opportunity to take quick trips to so many other countries in Europe at a low cost. Morocco is an unforgettable trip that is easy and affordable. Filled with endless culture and breathtaking architecture, there is so much to take in. While there, I was able to visit Chefchaouen, mostly known for it’s blue streets and buildings and spending a night in the Sahara Desert under the full moon.





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