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Best Things About Living in New York City

“New York City, the city so nice they named it twice”

Indeed, New York is one of the best cities in the world. It’s a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, with people from all over the world calling this place their home and I’m proud to be one of them! Here are just a handful of reasons why moving to NYC is always a good idea.

1. The food options are endless

NYC has an endless variety of food cuisine. It’s truly the world within a world. From fine dining to street food, you never run out of options.

Personal favorites:

  •  Au Za’atar: a Lebanese restaurant in the East Village where they bring the shawarma to your table. Ask for Tarik and tell him Nastasia Of Dame Traveler sent you!
  • John’s of Bleeker: In the West Village is my all time fav NYC slice
  • Souvlaki GR: in the Lower East Side- the place feels like you’ve just walked into Mykonos!
  • Dudley’s and Ruby’s – My favorite Aussie cafes that are perfect for lunch
  • Osteria 57 and Alive: Chef Riccardo is from Northern Italy and every meal I’ve had at these restaurants has indeed teleported me back to Italy! SO authentic and delicious.

2. There’s always something to do in New York City

They say if you’re bored in NYC, it’s your own fault. There is always something going on and the best part? many of the best things to do are FREE!

Hudson Yards: Brand new mall with a really cool new art installation called The Vessel
Seaport District: Cobblestone street, shops, restaurants with views of the river.
DUMBO in Brooklyn has the best views and the Timeout Market is great for lunch. ( you can walk over the Brooklyn Bridge from Downtown to DUMBO)
High Line: From Gansevoort Street to 34th Street, this incredible elevated park used to be an abandoned railroad track. It’s so beautiful you’ll hardly notice that you just walked 1.45 miles!

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More ideas for fun things to do on @lovelettertonewyorkcity Instagram and TikTok

3. The people are diverse and interesting

New York is a culturally rich city with people from all over the world. You will love walking around and listening to different languages of people from different backgrounds – it’s truly incredible and you can learn something from every person you meet. There’s nothing like it in the United States, let alone the world. There are also so many talented artists and musicians all over the city everyday that you can connect with. They make our city that much better.

4. The city is incredibly walkable and public transport is the best in the USA

I’ve lived in NYC for 5 years and got around just fine without a car. From efficient public transport, endless subway lines, buses, ubers, taxis, bikes, the ferry, the tram! There are so many forms of transportation to get around. I personally love taking the ferry from 34th street to either Greenpoint, Williamsburg or DUMBO in Brooklyn!

Unlike cities like San Francisco, NYC is also fairly flat so walking around is so easy.

With the introduction of City Bike, New York City now offers access to a bike-share program available for up to 45 minutes from a docking station.

5. Plain and simple, it’s the Greatest City in the World

After having traveled to over 65 countries and endless cities, I still cannot find a place like NYC. While it’s not easy to build a good life here, because it will absolutely challenge you, it’s not impossible and when you do make it here, you can indeed make it anywhere and the feeling is one of the greatest in the world.



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