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Our Favorite Tropical Destinations When The Cold Weather’s Got Us Feeling Down

Our Favorite Tropical Destinations When The Cold Weather's Got Us Feeling Down

It’s that time of year. The grey, dreary weather of the winter has got us really dragging our feet. Summer seems leagues away from our realities. Isn’t this just the perfect time to hop on a jet to a tropical island? We think yes! Here are our top ten tropical destinations we’d highly suggest for any Dame Traveler ready for some sun and relaxation this winter!

The Maldives

Ah, yes. The ultimate tropical oasis. The Maldives crystal clear waters, oceanic surroundings and warm air have us swooning. If jet-setting to the most magical blue waters of the Maldives is on your bucket list, be sure to check out our guide to this paradise.

Serenity Found In The Tropical Maldives


“Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama.” The Beach Boys knew what they were talking about when they included this island in their lyrics. Bermuda’s sunsets are unlike anything we’ve ever seen. And trust us, it’s the perfect setting for the ultimate girls getaway!

An Instagrammable Guide To Bermuda
An Instagrammable Guide To Bermuda
An Instagrammable Guide To Bermuda

Cozumel, Mexico

Paradise found. Cozumel’s lagoons, lapping ocean waters and watercolor sunsets are calling our name during this blisteringly cold season! When booking your dream vacay, be sure to pick a hotel that offers beach front views like this one. For the adventurous soul, Cozumel is also well connected to some of the most historic Mayan Ruins and other seaside towns too!

Maui, Hawaii

30 miles of beaches that are yours for the sunning in. Maui’s incredible pools, waterfalls and winding tropical roads are incredible. Maui is plush with rainforests and city living perks too. And it’s the perfect starting point for adventurers who want some relaxation before jetting to the other, more wild and adventurous islands like Kauai. When you’re planning your get away to Maui, check out this post on our top five experiences to have!

Havana, Cuba

Okay, listen. We know Havana isn’t a typical tropical island per say… but it’s always going to top our list of warmer destinations in the bleak midwinter. There’s no place like Havana. Truly. It’s a place stuck in time. Vintage cars, pastel hued architecture, cigars, warm and inviting locals, hot weather? Yeah, count us in.

Our Favorite Tropical Destinations When The Cold Weather's Got Us Feeling Down
Our Favorite Tropical Destinations When The Cold Weather's Got Us Feeling Down

Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui is a favorite destination for adventurers for good reason. It’s affordable and has the perfect mix of relaxing atmosphere with the option for many a party on any given night!


Bali has a special place in our hearts. We hosted a wonderful girls getaway and photo retreat there this past year and discovered so many hidden gems! As tempting as it is, don’t miss out on these cultural activities when visiting!

An Insiders Guide To A Girlfriends Getaway To Bali
An Insiders Guide To A Girlfriends Getaway To Bali

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This seaside city is sure to swoon you. Rio de Janeiro is best known for its wild and wonderful Carnaval festival – but we’d highly suggest checking it out in any time of year! And besides, who wouldn’t want to escape to Copacabana in the coldest season of the year?

Key West, Florida

Who says that tropical destinations have to happen abroad? Key West has a certain appeal unlike many other cities in Florida. Be sure to visit Hemingway’s house in between getting your tan and sipping on daiquiris!


To round out our list, we had to include Jamaica! The home of reggae music, lush and rainforest laden environment, surrounded by the bluest waters and dotted with incredible resorts. Jamaica is a great place to find yourself getting a tan in the middle of winter (and even find love) – don’t you think?

What do you say? Time to hop on a plane and catch some sun? We’re totally down!

For those of you planning your ultimate tropical getaway, be sure to check out our other favorite beaches around the world for more inspo!

Photos by Nastasia Yakoub

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