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Maui, Hawaii: 5 Things to Do On Your Island Holiday

Most vacationers head to Maui to relax, lie on the beach, sip Mai Tai’s and work on their tan. However, for those of us with an adventurous side, there is plenty to see and do for us too on this breathtaking island.

After two trips to the Hawaiian Island of Maui, I have come up with a Top 5 List for your Maui vacation, combining activities completed by me and suggested by those I have met along my travels! Travel is such an amazing opportunity to learn and experience new things as you share your adventures stories with those you meet along the way!

So with that being said, here are my Top 5 things to do in Maui!

1.    Swim, Relax & Stay at Ka’anapali Beach


Lined with luxurious beach resorts, Ka’anapali Beach on Maui’s west coast is a hustling and relaxing location for visitors all at once. Crystal clear waters provide a stunning view for vacationers as well as providing great snorkeling spots for those wanting a slightly more exciting experience. I have even spotted sea turtles just off the shoreline peacefully swimming in the turquoise blue water! Black Rock, located at the northern most part of the beach provides some of the best snorkeling opportunities, with mostly calm and manageable conditions.

2.    Visit Old Lahaina Town

A day trip to Lahaina is a must do on your stay to Maui. Marvel at the historic buildings, enjoy a shave ice from Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice, or simply relax in the shad underneath the impressive Banyon Tree Lahaina’s Banyon Court Park. Lahaina also offers lots of shopping opportunities for those wanting to fit as much as they can into their baggage allowance!

3.    Go Whale Watching


In the Winter months (December – May), whales can be seen passing through the channels on West and South Maui creating great viewing for tourists. Whales can be seen passing from the shoreline. However if you want to get that tiny bit closer, tours run from Lahaina Harbor over these months. Strict guidelines are in place that allows you to marvel at these impressive creatures from a safe distance of over 100ft, keeping both the whales and yourself protected.

4.    Drive along the Hana Highway and embrace the beautiful sights on the Road to Hana


Be sure to set aside a full day to explore this pristine corner of the island on Maui’s East coast. This road consists of 59 bridges and 360 winding turns with each one providing an even more spectacular view. Marvel at the black sand beaches, swim at the seven sacred pools, take in incredible views of waterfalls and truly embrace all the Hawaiian lifestyle has to offer.

5.    Haleakala Crater


The last on the list and perhaps the most suggested activity to do on Maui from those I have met on my travels is a trip to Halekala Crater. Home to Maui’s Highest Peak, this National Park boast impressive views of the island. A number of tours offer visitors the opportunity to explore this beautiful part of Maui, which is known for its unforgettable sunrises. Hiking trails are also on offer as well as horseback riding and bike tours.





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