An Insider’s Guide To A Girlfriends Getaway To Bali

An Insiders Guide To A Girlfriends Getaway To Bali

There’s something oh so dreamy about a girls’ trip. We’ve all dreamt of far-off destinations with our girlfriends in tow – hair knotted from driving with the top down, a life changing road trip, a spa retreat with ample wine and savory meals. But if you’re dreaming of finding true, natural beauty and a cultural destination to explore, look no further than Bali.

As a travel organization inspiring and encouraging women to travel more, do more and be more, Dame Traveler believes in the incredible experiences that come with a girlfriends-only getaway. There’s truly nothing like creating into new and exciting memories together with the closest women in your life! Our community is a great place to gain some inspiration for your big besties adventure, but we’re a bit biased… we think Bali is the absolute dreamiest location for a getaway with your gal pals.

From its clean, peaceful beaches, plentiful yoga and meditation retreats, awe-inspiring, ancient architecture, stunning mountains, sprawling rice paddies and lush jungle forests, we’ve partnered with to showcase Bali’s abundant beauty as the perfect escape for you and your girls to relax and reconnect. We’re sure that this beautifully colorful and peaceful country will have you and your girls recalling your adventures together for years to come.

An Insiders Guide To A Girlfriends Getaway To Bali

Must-Do Sights & Experiences

Bali’s Hindu culture is incredibly interesting and important to delve into while on this island! While involving yourself in the country’s gorgeous historical sights, you’ll feel more deeply connected with the country and its people.

Royal Palace of Peliatan / Kings Palace

To get a true sense of Balinese culture, be sure to visit the absolutely stunning Royal Palace of Peliatan. Experience the true warmth and friendliness of locals as they dress you from head to toe in traditional Balinese attire and teach you about the rich history of Bali’s royal families in between sipping tea and watching traditional Balinese dance. Taking the time to educate yourselves about the history and culture of your destination is an important element of traveling, and there couldn’t be a more immersive experience than this! Visiting the Royal Palace will leave you breathless and it’s an experience you and your girlfriends will look back on for years to come.

An Insiders Guide To A Girlfriends Getaway To BaliAn Insiders Guide To A Girlfriends Getaway To Bali

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

If you and your gal pals are feeling adventurous, a unique experience to have together is exploring this conservation filled with playful (and hilarious) monkeys in the verdant jungles of Bali. If you’re nervous about wild monkeys, fear not! Most are quite calm and will give you space. But if you’re seeking a photo with one, buy a banana and you’ll see how childlike and adorable they can be. The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is quite a treat for those visiting. Not only does it allow you to interact with the playful animals that inhabit it, but it also educates visitors on the Hindu philosophical goal of creating peace and harmony between humans and nature. Be sure to explore the park grounds filled with ancient rivers, bridges, temples and more.

An Insiders Guide To A Girlfriends Getaway To Bali An Insiders Guide To A Girlfriends Getaway To Bali An Insiders Guide To A Girlfriends Getaway To Bali

Tanah Lot

Flanked on the edge of the island, Tanah Lot is one of the six sea temples of Bali and by far one of the most scenic. Make sure you and your girlfriends grab your cameras! The beautiful rock-island setting mixed with the mythological lore surrounding it will leave you absolutely overwhelmed.

An Insiders Guide To A Girlfriends Getaway To Bali An Insiders Guide To A Girlfriends Getaway To Bali

Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Perhaps there is no more quintessential Balinese image than a sprawling, epic field of rice terraces. The Teglalalang Rice Terrace is the perfect hike for you and your gals to explore together in the early morning sunrise. Watch as the incredible arrangement of rice paddies go ever-on and observe the local Balinese farmers tending to their crops. It’s a sight that will stay with you forever!

An Insiders Guide To A Girlfriends Getaway To Bali An Insiders Guide To A Girlfriends Getaway To Bali

Cute Cafes & Authentic Eats

A huge perk of Bali’s culinary scene is not only its attention to delicious and authentic meals for visitors, but also its awareness of food allergies and diets! So for your vegan, vegetarian or gluten free bestie, there’s no need to worry. There are so many options for healthy (and genuine Balinese) meals while adventuring! Here are some of our favorite cafes and dining options.

Folie Kitchen & Pâtisserie

This adorable and aesthetically pleasing café is the perfect spot to nosh on some fresh, authentic French treats and indulgent happy hour drinks. Not to mention, their iconic millennial pink walls, marble tabletops and baby blue seating are oh-so Instagrammable, and so is their outdoor mural.

Nalu Bowls

There’s something so refreshing about starting your long days out and about with a healthy, fresh smoothie bowl. Nalu Bowls is the perfect spot to grab an organic acai bowl or one of their specialty recipes featuring mouth watering super foods that will kick start your days together.

Corner House Bali

What’s a girlfriends’ getaway without a fabulous brunch out? Mix together an vintage, architectural dream come true with an international menu, and you’re guaranteed to make every pal you have in tow happy as can be!

Lazy Cat’s Café

This is the ultimate cool girl’s coffee shop in Bali! Lazy cat’s restaurant, café, bar and gallery encourages all their visitors to relax and enjoy the “lazy” life (while also becoming super inspired by their bohemian décor and unique art). This café’s ambiance is utterly fresh and the perfect spot to stop midday for an afternoon break.

Kynd Community

A plant-based diet never felt so right after stopping in this veggie centered café. Whether you’re looking for a healthy salad, an energy boosting snack or a mid day juice… Kynd Community has got it all! We love their attention to detail in every meal they create.


When it comes time for you and your girlfriends to plan your ultimate girls-only getaway, Bali awaits. This peaceful and generously friendly location is a spectacular option for every type of gal out there. Happy exploring, girls!

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