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Verona: A Love Letter to the City of Romeo and Juliet

Italy’s City of Love is befitting of its name; Rose-tinted buildings, fairytale bridges, and romantic wrought-iron balconies where you can play pretend Juliet are sprinkled on every narrow street corner.

Verona is a major city in northern Italy in the region of Veneto and the perfect day trip spot coming from Milan or Venice. It is the home of Opera and its grand Roman amphitheatre doesn’t let you forget it. Walking through Verona, you are taken through fairytale history, with medieval castles here and there, the top of towers that could belong to Rapunzel peeking through nearly every passageway. Not to mention the dreamy Adige River flowing through the city center and under archaic stone bridges. The peaceful panoramic views at Castel San Pietro are a must to take in and provide a break to your feet walking on the old cobblestones of the city center. 

And while viewing Verona from above is a serene and romantic experience, down in the piazzas is a completely different story. Piazza Bra is dominated by the Arena, and also by tourists flooding out from the main shopping street. The wide main square makes enough room for everyone to enjoy the summer breeze, but stroll over to Piazza delle Erbe and you will witness the bustling and eclectic lifestyle of the Veronese.  Piazza delle Erbe is like Italy’s smaller and less bright version of New York’s Times Square – a bit chaotic, with fascinating buildings to look at, and definitely lively

The quieter Piazza dei Signori is a few steps from the hustle and bustle and is engulfed with beautiful palazzos showcasing stunning Renaissance architecture.  You can’t visit Verona without visiting La Casa di Giulietta or Juliet’s house, down the main pedestrian street from Piazza delle Erbe. While Juliet may not have actually resided here, as she wasn’t based on a real person at all, you can’t help but play into the romantic fantasy when seeing Juliet’s balcony for the first time. 

…In fact, you can’t help but play into the fantasy of Verona itself and escape for a while into the amorous and dreamy scenes of the city!

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