The Best Places to Visit in Malta for an Awesome Experience

As a picturesque archipelago located between Sicily and the North-African Coast, Malta is the best country to visit if you are in need of a quiet, cultural getaway. From sandy beaches to residential towns, there are plenty of traditional towns and villages, plus some more developed areas to visit, making Malta an ideal location for people accustomed to all tastes.

Being a small country, transportation also is available extensively. So, plan ahead, mark your favourite spots, and immerse yourself in the awesome cultural experiences that Malta has to offer.

Valletta – The Capital
As the capital of Malta, Valletta plays an important role in attracting tourists of all calibres. Described as ‘a city built by gentlemen for gentlemen’, this destination is a perfect example of both the historical and commercial sides to the country. This is shown through prevalent historic sites –
Girgenti Palace and Auberge De Castille, traditional shops and cafes – Caffe Prego and Dolce Peccati, as well as a multitude of international branded shopping destinations.


St. Paul’s Bay – Old Town
Since becoming a more popular tourist destination, St. Paul’s Bay has worked hard to conceal its original fisherman’s village character and has become well-known for its association with adjoining resorts Bugibba and Qawra. Each destination offers a range of traditional and contemporary activities, including the Our Lady of Sorrows Maltese Festa (St. Paul’s), an idyllic walk along the panoramic sea-view promenade (Bugibba), as well as the world’s oldest freestanding Skorba Temples (Qawra).

Although it is considered to be less busy than the capital, St. Paul’s Bay is still another excellent escape away from a busy home life, allowing you to enjoy the sun, sea, and stunning scenery that it has to offer.

Gozo – The Hotspot for Scuba Diving
If historical landmarks and retail therapy are activities you’d rather avoid, then spend a day in the sister island of Gozo. Just eight miles in length and four miles in width, Gozo is the perfect destination for more active tourists, offering the best adrenaline seeking experiences in the Mediterranean. This involves annual pastimes such as scuba diving, abseiling, kayaking, and Segway riding, making sure a range of activities are included to suit the widespread interests of tourists.

Sliema – Cultural Resort Town
Similar to St. Paul’s Bay, Sliema was once known for its reputation as an old-style fisherman’s village; however, as Malta’s first tourist resort, the coastal town is now recognised among its many visitors for its stunning promenade as well as its historic landmarks (e.g. Fort Tigné) that are available to view by the public annually.

As well as cultural activities, there are multiple shopping outlets in which can offer extensive retail therapy, including The Point Complex and The Plaza Shopping Centre.

Mdina – The Silent City
The ancient fortress of Mdina dates back more than 4,000 years and is full of cultural sites. This “walled city” sits on a hill overlooking the island. On a hot day, the narrow, cool streets are very pleasant, although it can get very crowded at times. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in a range of historic, cultural, or thrill-enriching experiences, Malta is the ideal holiday destination for you.



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