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We Asked Full-Time Travelers How They Stay Sane, Happy & Healthy: Here Are Their Travel Routines And Habits

We Asked Full-Time Travelers How They Stay Sane, Happy & Healthy: Here Are Their Travel Routines And Habits

For women living in and out of suitcases and airport lounges, creating healthy travel routines and habits can be an absolute god-send. Creating a peaceful relationship with the stresses of delayed flights, red-eye flights and jetlag might be as well be a superpower. Ready to learn some tips and tricks for mental sanity while traveling? We asked a collection of full-time female travelers how they stay sane, happy and healthy while on the road… here are their travel routines and habits!

Kayleigh Harrington

“If I’m looking for great places to eat and drink, I always use Foursquare City Guide. Without it I would have never found one of my favorite restaurants in Athens that was literally in an alley or the unassuming, al fresco coffee shop I went to every day for amazing smoothies and cortados while I was in Puerto Rico.
When it comes to outfit planning, I always pack a great pair of jeans and my favorite white sneakers, the M. Gemi Palestra. They are comfortable enough to walk around the city all day and stylish enough to pair with a dress or jumpsuit.
A great travel hack for hot, summer trips is to find a hotel that allows you to use their pool if you order a drink or food. In Athens we found a hotel with a rooftop pool overlooking the acropolis where we ordered snacks and Greek beers for a low-key afternoon.
Finally, my ultimate pro-tip is ABC – Always Be Charging. Whenever I’m in the hotel room, I’m charging my phone and the portable charger I carry with me so I have power when I’m out on the go.”

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Glo From “The Blog Abroad”

“Adapting meditation as part of my daily routine was one of the best decisions I ever made. It keeps me central, in tune with emotions, sane, and functional.
There is so much that’s foreign around us when we travel, so it’s so crucial to have a routine that helps your practice mindfulness so that you can be present during all your other moments.”

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Ray from “RayRayWanders”

“It’s really easy to become dehydrated while traveling. So I always make sure I drink plenty of water to stay hydrated during flights. I also bring a small bottle of thermal spring water spray with me to keep my skin refreshed.
For international travels, I find it’s better and cheaper getting local currency from an ATM than exchanging money at a local exchange counter.”
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Renee From “Renee Roaming”

“I stay healthy, sane and prepared for adventures by making sure I am prioritizing self care and downtime.
I love getting home from a long trip and taking some time to myself to relax, soak in the bath and binge on Netflix. It’s totally okay to get travel fatigue every now and again but taking care of myself usually prevents that from happening.
I prepare for trips by planning ahead, not leaving packing to the last second, eating healthy, and making sure I get ample sleep in the days prior to heading off. This ensures my body is prepped and as ready as possible to make the most of my travel!”

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Davina Tan From “HeyDavina”

“I do all my research usually via Instagram before I go anywhere. Anytime I plan my travels, I bookmark all the places I want to go on Google Maps and I have the map ready when I’m in a new place. I also look to follow a few fellow ‘grammers from the new city I’m traveling to, so I get a local’s view on the place.”
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Lesley From “The Road Les Traveled”

“For me, I have to keep up with exercise when traveling. I’m on the road 24/7, so not working out when abroad is not an option. Whether it’s running a new city, doing ab exercises in my hotel gym, finding a local yoga studio, kayaking along the coast or hiking a popular nearby mountain, you won’t typically find me inside a hotel room for too long. It’s also an amazing way to beat jet lag and kick illnesses while away!”

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Stephanie Be From “TravelBreak”

“I’ve been to over 250 destinations around the world, so “routine” was a word that for a long time, I used lightly. Here are my tips:
  • Force yourself to meet new people.
  • Stay in touch with the people you love at home.
  • Give yourself downtown.
  • Choose one thing that you can do every day, anywhere for consistency (i.e. I went through a stage where I’d always have an iced coffee. Some countries weren’t accustomed, so I’d ask for coffee and a cup of ice, and make my own to remind myself that I can take control of my “me” thing).
  • I used to be obsessed with Instagram (and I still love it), but the more I traveled, the more I became dissatisfied with social media. It’s become a whole lot more about what we are wearing and who we are dating, and less about what we are actually doing. So I’ve worked my bum off in the last year, to create BUENA, an app that makes it easy to discover and share things to DO for this weekend or on a bucket list trip. We’ve just launched and I’d love for you to join the waitlist!”

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Chelsea Yamase From “ChelseaKauai”

“One unique tip I try to follow is as soon as I get on my first flight I try to imagine I’m already in the timezone of where I am ending up. This helps a lot with longer flights where it makes a difference if I sleep first then work or vice versa.
I also drink a ton of water and almost never get jet lag too bad!”
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We hope you enjoyed learning about these amazing women’s travel routines and habits for better peace of mind and mental health! Be sure to give them a follow, if you aren’t loving their adventures online already!

What are some of your go-to hacks for calmer, enjoyable travel experiences?

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