Generational Adventures: A Guide To Traveling With Your Grandma

Its empowering to see more women travel solo but it’s also nice to share the adventure with someone special. Grandmas have the experience to share and a spirit all their own. While an older travel partner may not be the first thing you consider, I would highly recommend it. Today, I wanted to discuss generational adventures… and a quick guide to traveling with your grandma.

My grandma and I have been traveling together since I was old enough to have overnight sleepovers with friends. She and my mother are truly my travel inspirations. In a time when women weren’t supposed to travel or build careers on their own, my grandma blazed her own trail and followed her own heart. She studied the world and became a travel agent on her own accord. 

Dream Together

Dream with your grandma, ask your grandma where she has always wanted to go.

Recently I found out my Grandma has always wanted to see the Cherry Blossoms Bloom in Washington D.C.. Needless to say , we have now made plans to visit next spring.

Opening up a dialogue between the two of you can begin to add a new layer of experience between you and your grandmother.  Respecting her as a fellow traveler can help you both build a great itinerary and special new memories.

Get Planning!

Driving? Flying? My grandma has had both knees replaced, so that means TSA will always take a little longer than you might like. The upside is we always thought security with plenty of time for our flight because we get there early.

We also have learned we are happiest together when we alternate scheduled days with unstructured days. For example, our first day in London we always have an early breakfast followed by Changing of the Guard and a long walk in Hyde Park. The next day we have a market day and let our food dreams and shopping desires lead us through Covent Gardens and Picadilly Circus.

Do either of you want to hike the grand canyon or would you rather see a new art exhibit? Traveling with your grandma is a give and take just like any other partnership.

Take Time Apart

While abroad, I look forward to my runs through the cities we travel to, I make memories with the winding streets and waterfronts I explore. These runs are some of my fondest travel souvenirs; whereas my grandma enjoys taking tea in the afternoon or a quick snooze in the room while I catch up on emails. Scheduling this time apart can refresh you individually and energize you for your next stop in your travels.

Try Something New… Together

While traveling to a new place, every stop can be new to you and it can be hard to pick one specific experience to share together. It could be a simple as a themed walking tour, a curator’s art talk in a local museum or a cooking class to immerse yourselves in local cuisine.

Remember, you are making new, important memories together! Get crackin’ and go explore the world, your next travel buddy is just a phone call away.

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