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10 Travel Podcasts For Women We're Loving

A traveler’s relationship with their headphones is a special one. I don’t know about you, but podcasts have quickly become my favorite ear-candy, especially during long days of travel. Informational, side-splitting humor, inspirational… there’s a podcast for everything. With this in mind, I wanted to share ten travel podcasts for women that I know you will love too! Each one of these podcasts feature bold, brave and inspiring women sharing their stories from the road. Fair warning: after subscribing to these beautiful podcasts, you might have an even worse case of wanderlust!

She Explores

This travel podcast for women is one of our absolute favorites! She Explores is a podcast made for curious women who love the great outdoors. With over 60 episodes that feature women’s stories of great escapes and creative outdoor adventures, this podcast an endless source of inspiration. Craving the beauty of nature? This is the one for you!

Women Who Travel

Titled a podcast for women, by women… this podcast is created by the travel team over at Conde Nast (so you know it’s going to be good)! This podcast shares stories of over 100 women’s adventures. We love the episodes focusing on solo adventures. Empowering, inspiration, educational – this travel podcast for women has it all.

Out There

This journalistic style of podcast is so dreamy. It’s pretty much a walk in the woods without stepping outside. Host Willow Belden explores various points of the importance of adventure. Digging deep into understanding the strength, healing and inspiration humans gather from being outdoors, Out There is kind of a breathe of fresh air for those who need it!

NYC Local Guides

New York lovers (and locals) will adore NYC Local Guides podcast, hosted by our dear friend Jennifer O’Brien who interviews all types of New Yorkers, from creatives to CEOs and everyone in between. From where to get the best slice of pizza joint, to how graffiti artists make it work, what changes locals see in the evolving city – each episode is a little snippet of what makes NYC so incredible and diverse. Whether you’re on the hunt for a local’s foodie recommendations or longing to relocate to the city that never sleeps, New York lovers will be obsessed with each episode. (P.S. you can listen to Dame Traveler’s founder Nastasia’s interview on the NYC Local Guides podcast here!) 

The Off Beat Life

How to live your best life and make the steps toward being location independent. Sound up your alley? Subscribe to this podcast! Debbie is a gal’s gal who keeps it real, but also stocks listeners with endless resources for making the jump.

10 Travel Podcasts For Women We're Loving


Unmapped is a relatively new podcast, but we’re obsessed none-the-less! Millennial travel blogger Angelina Zeppieri takes listeners along on her adventures around the globe. From sharing hidden gems along the way to the nuggets of wisdom she gathers through her experiences traveling the globe, Angelina’s podcast is an honest take on travel podcasts.

Women On The Road

A travel podcast for women centers around what #vanlife is like. This biweekly pod is also by the women over at She Explores (we just love those ladies)! Filled with interviews with women in various stages of life on the road, it’s a great subscription to add to your weekly podcast line up.

The First 40 Miles

A podcast centered around hiking and backpacking. If you’re hoping to dip your toes into the backpacking niche, or if you’re just curious, this podcast is totally for you. Every episode Josh and Heather share their essentials, tips for packing and lightening your load and their nuggets of wisdom gathered from their time on the trail.

Roll With Me

Into the tiny house movement? This is one of our fave travel podcasts for women is a series that features fellow tiny house dwellers and is perfect for those curious about their lifestyle. Each episode lets you peek into the life of another person’s life living small.

Wild Ideas Worth Living

Interviews that are guaranteed to inspire you. Host Shelby Stanger introduces listeners to the world’s most creative explorers, athletes, authors, health experts and entrepreneurs to learn about how they’ve followed their “wild ideas.” It’s a one-stop inspiration station. Take a listen and you’ll fall in love (and want to live more passionately).

Girl Camper

Rounding out our list of our favorite travel podcasts for women, Girl Camper is a party on wheels. Another podcast centered around alternative lifestyles, this podcast encourages women to choose camping and live more adventurously. Filled with fascinating interviewees and lots of laughs as host Janine shares the ins and outs of traveling in her 1966 Vintage Go Tagalong Travel Trailer… you’re gonna love it.

Spiritual Sh*t

We love Alea! On every episode, Alea, who is an energy reader and coach gets into the “down and dirty of modern day spirituality.” It’s the perfect introduction to the more woo-woo side of the world, and we absolutely love it! From coping mechanisms for empaths to deep talks about starseeds and galactic universes, what the heck “mercury in retrograde” means and so, so much more… if you’re at all curious about spirituality – this one’s for you!

Serenity On Steroids 

We’re all on a journey towards self-growth and self-love, aren’t we? That’s why we have a soft spot for Vianca Joy’s podcast. No matter what chapter you find yourself in life, whether you’re beginning a new career, finding joy or struggle in motherhood or being a single woman navigating the dating scene – every woman can benefit from learning about the journey of self-love, right?

Love & Passports

Travelers with a love for romance – this is the perfect podcast for you! Each week, this travel podcast is told through literary fiction and a destination guide… narrated by writer Dana Givens. The first half of the show is a short fictional story of the destination, and the second half delves into a guide to the city (from where to eat, stay and explore) and features different travel experts from all walks of life. We love its perfect combination of romantic storytelling and destination specific recommendations!

Passports & Pizza

Foodie travelers with a love for girl chat… look no further!  Inspired by their endless love and devotion for cooking and adventure (and just getting chit-chatty together), each week Sara and Laura sit down for a real, hilarious look at what made their lives “salty and sweet” and then do a deep dive into food and travel topics. From where to eat in London, what qualifies as the “perfect pizza,” traveling on a budget, New Orleans recommendations, hygge and coziness and so, so more… Laura and Sara aim to be your foodie/travel friends from afar each and every episode.

The City Confessions

New York lovers and natives, rejoice! In City Confessions, host and native New Yorker Mariann Yip leads sits down with real New Yorkers living in the city to chat, laugh and commiserate about their highs and lows of city life. You’ll hear some amazing conversations from New Yorkers about what exactly the city has taught them, and discuss what they’re most passionate about! It’s a conversational, chit-chatty podcast that will leave you feeling the buzz of the city right from your headphones.

Torch Podcast 

For any one looking to seriously level up their life – be it in leading a team, conquering your dreams and finding your strength… Torch Podcast is one you’ll love! We love hearing Tiana’s enlightening and honest conversations with her guests. Each episode delves into some incredible themes like self improvement, sparking inner potential and finding your voice through hearing the experiences of each interview guest. If you’re looking for a podcast on deepening your leadership through small, manageable steps – you’ll love Tiana and her podcast!

Addie Abroad

We absolutely adore Addie and her take on creating a podcast all about a girl’s guide to adventure! Week after week, Addie shares her tried and true solo female travel tips, inspiration, lessons learned, budget and safety tips, packing trcks and meaningful interviews with fellow female travelers. This podcast is especially good if you’re in need of some travel inspiration during this time… or if you’re ready to go on your first solo trip in the future!

With the growing amount of podcasts out there on iTunes and beyond, it’s amazing to have some go-to ones that are specifically made for female travelers like us. We hope you enjoyed our favorite travel podcasts for women… we’re hoping to update and continue to grow this list in the years to come!

Do you listen to podcasts? What are your favorite travel focused ones? Comment below. We’d love to know!


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  • Courtney April 17, 2018 at 8:37 pm

    I’m really into podcasts right now. I love Wild Ideas and Women Who Travel. I’ll have to listen to the rest of these soon!

  • Delaney C. March 16, 2020 at 10:20 pm

    My favorite travel podcast is Your Life Travel. It’s all about how group travel empowers women. They share travel stories by women for women.

  • Erin March 26, 2020 at 12:19 pm

    Awesome list. The podcast Alpaca My Bags is another good one – created by two Canadian women, it covers travel issues like dark tourism and sustainable travel!

  • Ahmed July 13, 2020 at 7:01 am

    Quality information provided in the article.

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