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A Look Inside Nastasia’s Travel Photography Gear

A Look Inside Nastasia's Travel Photography Gear

Easily the question I get most often as a full-time traveler and photographer is what gear I use and what I’d recommend most. So, today I wanted to share an inside look at my stand-by travel photography gear!

​​​​​​​Truth be told, I’m a pretty minimal, no-frills photographer. I believe in investing in quality gear that does the job over have every gadget under the sun. So, the items you’ll see in this list are those that choose to carry with me – they’re sturdy and absolutely reliable.
So, let’s get into it! Here is an inside peek at my travel photography gear!

Canon EOS R Mirrorless Digital Camera

This mirrorless camera is so lightweight and great for travel, while still maintaining the image quality and vibrant colors of its heavier counterparts in the Canon family!

I exclusively use two lenses for shooting. One being the Canon RF 24-105mm F4 L IS Lens, which comes with the camera itself. I love it because it doesn’t require an adapter and has an excellent wide range.

A Look Inside Nastasia's Travel Photography Gear

The second lens I carry with me is my trusty 16-35mm Ultra Wide Angle Zoom Lens. I love shooting wide to capture the effect you see on @dametraveler (small woman subject in juxtaposition with a grand, epic landscape). This one is a must for me! It’s also great for interior shots and hotel rooms. That being said, this one does require an adapter, so be sure to get that if you’re looking for a similar set up!

A Look Inside Nastasia's Travel Photography Gear

If you’re perusing any sort of gear, I love shopping with Adorama as my one-stop shop for all things photography online. They graciously helped me out after all my gear robbed from me while in Paris (more about that here)… and I’m forever grateful for them! Be sure to check them out if you’re on the hunt!

A Look Inside Nastasia's Travel Photography Gear

Jolie Laide’s Brandy Camera Sling

I adore a camera sling that makes me feel secure and keeps my camera when walking around a new city or destination. This leather camera strap is incredible durable and chic. Plus, I love that I can wear it as a traditional neck-strap, or as a shoulder sling I can wear across my body. It’s nice knowing that your precious camera is easy to access and safe from theft, while also looking polished and feeling at ease.

DJI Mavic Mini CP

This mini-drone by DJI is everything! It’s a tiny wonder that weighs the same as an iPhone, but packs a serious punch in terms of flight control, and simplified flying experience. Given the precious space my backpack is, I’m super grateful for its small and compact size! With 30 minute maximum flight time that can be synched up with my iPhone to view the perspectives I’m aiming for easily, there’s nothing better if you ask me! I purchased this gem at Adorama (one of my absolute favorite camera gear stores in the world!), and I could not be blown away.

A Look Inside Nastasia's Camera Gear


Mophie PowerStation With Lightning Connector

This portable battery is a game changer simply because I love how reliable it is in all circumstances! It charges over twenty hours for my iPhone and is specially made to coordinate with Apple products, like iPads and MacBooks. Plus, it’s two USB ports on the side allow me to charge other stuff all at once. Plus, it’s slim and easy slides right into my bag! Another little fun feature this guy has is that it will prioritizing charging your tech when plugged into the wall, then charge itself afterward. Genius!

A Look Inside Nastasia's Travel Photography Gear

Mophie Juice Pack For iPhone X

When on the road, running on an empty phone battery is the WORST feeling in the world. After all, it’s pretty much our lifeline to the rest of the globe and our main resource for navigation. That’s why I love Mophie’s Juice Pack! It’s a battery case that has saved me many-a-time while on adventures. It lets you charge wirelessly while also listening to music, using your GPS or texting seamlessly. Plus, it doubles as a really protective phone cover!

A Look Inside Nastasia's Travel Photography Gear

Zagg InvisibleSHIELD iPhone Screen Protector

Speaking of protection, having a great tempered glass screen protector for your phone is a must. Knowing that if you accidentally drop your phone won’t result in a serious headache feelings amazing. I love this one by Zagg for iPhone X because its slim but sturdy, 100% clear and bubble free.

A Look Inside Nastasia's Travel Photography Gear

Incase Neoprene Classic Sleeve For MacBook 13″

I love this simple laptop sleeve for its simplicity and its plush details. Inside it has the coolest faux-fur lining that helps prevent scratches on your laptop and, yet, it’s still so lightweight.

A Look Inside Nastasia's Travel Photography Gear

InCase Dots Hardshell Case For 13 ” Macbook

For those looking for something that seriously protects your laptop, I couldn’t recommend this hardshell case more. It’s perfectly designed, fits every nook and cranny and is almost goes unnoticed because of its lightness! This one’s materials has never cracked or shown any signs of scratches once!

A Look Inside Nastasia's Travel Photography Gear

Sandmarc Lens For iPhone

Year after year, I’m constantly blown away by the images smartphones can create. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see more digital creators simply using their smartphones moving forward, because the quality they can create now is mind blowing! That’s why I’ve loved experimenting with lenses for iPhones. From wide angle lenses that allow me to capture two times the field of view, to telephoto lenses that get the shot up close and personal, these lenses are so fun to shoot with.

A Look Inside Nastasia's Travel Photography Gear

And don’t forget, if you don’t have a budget to invest in these products right now, it’s incredible what photos you can create using your smartphone. Gear is great, but knowing the skills to create beautiful images is just as (if not more) important! 

A Look Inside Nastasia's Travel Photography Gear

I hope you all enjoyed an inside look at my travel photography gear! If you have any other questions about gear, don’t be shy. I’d love to help!

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