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Top Tips for Skiing in Whistler

As the season’s change and leaves fall, winter sports fans start thinking about the upcoming skiing season. Canadians dig out and wipe the dust off their equipment and start heading to the mountains. You can find affordable Whistler vacation rentals for a family vacation or spend some time with your friends. Here are a few suggestions to make your skiing trip perfect.

Visit in Late January or Early February:

The best snow conditions at Whistler are usually towards the end of January and the middle of February. Snow falls from late October and has time to build creating the perfect skiing conditions. Another advantage of this time of the year is that you avoid the Christmas crowds and those coming in March. Skiers who want uninterrupted slope time are recommended to come at this time of the year.

Be Organized:

As exciting as a skiing trip may be, you need to be organized to make the most out of your time. What can be worse than waking up nice and early only to find that you forgot to sort out your equipment or buy tickets for the lifts? Some people let the excitement wash over them and forget they just have a limited amount of time on the slopes. Next thing, they wake up and realize they still need to arrange everything and buy tickets, which takes up a few hours of their precious skiing time.

Be Efficient With Your Time:

All skiers need to eat at some point in the day. And you can imagine that the restaurants are often bursting at the seams during lunch and dinner time. But, this also means that fewer people will be waiting for the lifts or skiing down the slopes. If you wake up and get to the top as soon as the lifts open, you can head down for a bite to eat before the restaurants get full. Then, when the masses flock for food, you can hit the slopes again. Being smart and planning your time gives you extra time skiing.

Don’t Let the Rain Stop You:

The vast majority of people stay in the postcard Whistler Village when it rains and decide to spend the day relaxing. Few realize that the rainy conditions in the village mean snow is probably falling at the top of the slopes. And while most people stay off the pistes and seek shelter in the cafes and restaurants, you can have the place to yourself.

Get the Whistler Blackcomb Live App:

An App that tells you when the best time to go up the mountains for the best conditions is a dream come true for skiers. You can get all this information with the Whistler Blackcomb App. Live updates on snowfall, skiing conditions, and temperatures pop up onto your phone giving you the edge over the others. When you know the best slope, you can get there first to avoid the crowds.

Want a Skiing Lesson? Book Early:

Maybe you’re new to the whole skiing thing and want to take a few lessons before you brave the pistes for the first time. Or perhaps you just want to brush up after years of being inactive. If this is the case, you’re going to need to attend ski school for a least a day or two. Lessons are affordable, and instructors cover everything from the basics to advanced skiing techniques, but places tend to fill up quickly. A top tip is to book the lessons as soon as you know when you’re going to Whistler so you can secure a spot. You should also consider scheduling a lesson in a school that’s near to your accommodation to save time.

Take Full Advantage of Your Skiing Lesson:

Another advantage of taking a skiing lesson is that you can skip the lines at the lifts. The experienced know there’s nothing quite as frustrating than having to wait seemingly hours to get up the slopes. But, those with a lesson have priority and can get up in no time at all. Even the more experienced need to brush up after the long summer and a lesson helps you get to the top faster.

Find Your Favorite Slope:

Whistler has so many different slopes to choose from of various all lengths and difficulties. You could spend weeks here and still not cover every single one. The best thing to do is read up on the different slopes and narrow down a small selection that appeals to you. Once you have your list, check them all out if you have the time. When you find the favorites, stick to it and return to the same ones next year. Just remember that Whistler is a vast place and has lots of regions to explore and check out.

Don’t Neglect the Nightlife:

Whistler doesn’t exactly have a reputation for having a wild nightlife. However, several bars and restaurants are around the village where the skiers head after a day in the evening to unwind and share their stories. You can find beer, wine, and a range of soft drinks. Families are welcome in some of the spots with regular fire and ice shows in the evening. There’s something for everyone to enjoy in Whistler Village, just don’t enjoy yourself too much or you’ll oversleep in the morning!

The Bottom Line:

The most important thing to remember is to manage your time efficiently. Follow the tips above to maximize your time on the slopes and make your skiing vacation as epic as poss

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