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The Most Picturesque Hotels In Italy

The Most Picturesque Hotels In Italy

In September, I was lucky enough to spend the entire month savoring “la dolce vita” to its utmost degree in Italy. My time in Italy has always been dear to my heart. The country has seen me through many chapters of my life and has never, ever failed to make me fall head over heels for its age and romance. Today, I’m sharing some of my absolutely favorite lodgings I’ve experienced in my dear Italia. From sun drenched bedrooms to sherbet colored seascapes, I’ve collected quite a few stunning stays… and I want you to experience them for yourself. Here are my picks of the most picturesque hotels in Italy!

Belmond Hotel Caruso

It’s hard to rank favorites. But I honestly believe that booking the Belmond Hotel Caruso is the closest thing I’ll have from a home away from home. Each time I visit, it doesn’t matter how long I’ve been away, I’m greeted by such warmth and hospitality. This former 11th century palace is a modern setting to a traveler’s fairytale. Standing on the edge of their infinity pools overlooking the scattered and colorful Ravello skyline below is the kind of peace I wish I could tap into everyday.

The Most Picturesque Hotels In Italy

Hotel Santa Caterina

The Amalfi Coast is well loved for a reason. Seeing the light settle and sparkle over the ocean in the evening, feeling the warmth of the Italian sun, the little moments of bliss and happiness – it’s all waiting for travelers to experience. Hotel Santa Caterina’s views of the crashing Mediterranean ocean is, simply put, stunning. Watching the beauty unfold below the deck while sipping on cappuccino is pretty much the Italian version of heaven, if you ask me! It’s the perfect setting and resting place for your Italian dream.

The Most Picturesque Hotels In Italy

Portrait Roma

As I woke up to watch the sunrise during my stay in Portrait Roma, I witnessed a sight of the ancient city I knew very few would be able to see for themselves. Portrait Roma’s special rooftop view of the Spanish steps is unlike any perspective found in the city. This hotel had my heart from the moment I entered and noticed the collection of 50’s and 60’s vintage photos of beauties, including my soul sister Audrey Hepburn. The perfect mix of cool, unique and heartfelt care adds up to Portrait Roma’s special mix. Staying here is so incredible. I just know Dame Traveler will love it too!

The Most Picturesque Hotels In Italy

NH Collection Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi

Slow walks through NH Collection Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi’s 13th century grounds, filled with stories of the old world and floating above the cliff tops of the Amalfi Coast – my love language. As an old soul and absolute romantic, I found myself tracing the steps of this former monastery of an Arab-Norman cloister with such revere and intrigue. The panoramic trail between the gardens and the coastline is meant for any traveler who longs for the old world.

The Most Picturesque Hotels In Italy

Hotel Mediterraneo Sorrento

The Italian elegance of this boutique hotel is truly magical. The sunsets over the cliffs of Sorrento, the authentic hospitality and ethereal atmosphere are some of my favorite elements about the Hotel Mediterraneo Sorrento. The hotel is also easily walkable into the city center and a paradise for anyone wanting to soak in slow, languid Italian lifestyle.

The Most Picturesque Hotels In Italy

I hope you enjoyed our round up of my picks of most picturesque hotels in Italy. What other cities’ most picturesque hotels would you like for us to share?

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