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Alternatives to glamping that still leave room for adventure

So you want to explore the great outdoors and the wilder parts of the world, but still want a touch of luxury? For many, the answer to this urge is glamping, but if the concept leaves you cold, never fear! There are plenty of alternatives to glamping that let you explore the wilderness, be adventurous, and have exciting experiences, while still maintaining a level of comfort and luxury. Read on and discover five of the most attractive and exciting alternatives to glamping.

RVs and Camper Vans

Basically glamping on wheels, hopping in an RV, or renting a camper van and hitting the road is a quintessential Great American Adventure, and a superb way of exploring the great outdoors will keeping a few creature comforts close to hand.

A glass pod on the side of a cliff

No, this isn’t crazy talk. In Sacred Valley in Peru, you can literally sleep in a glass pod suspended halfway down a cliff, 400 feet above the ground. The ‘rooms’ aren’t cheap (starting at around $1,000 a night!) but the views of the Andes are genuinely incomparable, and the experience itself will stay with you for a lifetime.

Log cabins

Staying a few nights in a traditional log cabin at the heart of a state forest or National Park is a fantastic experience. You can get back to basics, go fishing for your supper, but still relax with a warm shower and a comfortable bed at the end of the day. A great way to do this sort of vacation is by kayak, stopping off every day at a specific cabin along the route.

Adventure cruises

If you want to explore the most exotic, far-flung corners of the world, the best way to do that is by water. Try sailing to Antarctica on a cruise, heading up the Norwegian Fjords, or taking a tall ship across the Atlantic, for a truly memorable and adventurous experience!

Shepherd’s huts

For something intensely traditional and effortlessly cozy, why not hire a shepherd’s hut? These charming static wagons evoke a simpler time and usually come equipped with a log fire, perfect for snuggling up close to after a long day hiking up a mountain. Some of these even come with their own hot tub, making this an exceptional high-end outdoorsy experience, and one you won’t forget in a hurry

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5 Beautiful Islands You Must Visit In 2020

If you are already planning your holiday for 2020 – then you will definitely want to look into some of the most beautiful islands you can choose as your destination.  We have done all of the work for you – so you can have some great ideas for your next trip.  


The Seychelles almost need no introduction.  Although there are seasons – generally you can experience great weather all year round.  One of its most attractive qualities is that the beaches are literally unspoiled – with blinding white sands and clear blue seas.  If you are a bit of an adventure seeker – you may also like some of the hikes you can take advantage of at the Seychelles. There are different trails for novices and more experienced hikers.  For those of you who are nature lovers – you will also get to experience some endangered species such as Aldabra giant tortoises.

There are 65 different endangered species that are home to the Seychelles.  If you are planning on a holiday later on in the year – you will definitely want to go the Creole Festival where there is a fantastic party atmosphere. If you are looking for looking for ultimate luxury – you can even rent your own private island.  


Despite its reputation – Mykonos isn’t only a place where you can enjoy a party atmosphere – it’s also a fantastic destination as a family holiday.  They have various beaches with golden sands that fit into any criteria. There are beaches to go to for DJ’s and parties – and quieter options for families. It’s also home to some amazing accommodation.  There are fantastic Mykonos luxury villas you can rent out that have epic views.

If you are going to stay in the island – we would recommend you definitely check out some of the Mykonos luxury villas instead of a hotel.  One of the things you will notice in Mykonos is that it is full of whitewashed houses which makes for a beautiful setting, and if you are a foodie – you will most definitely want to taste some of their local culinary delights such as baklava or amygdalota.  


Hawaii is on most people’s bucket list and is perfect for a romantic break away.  Much like The Seychelles – Hawaii has some of the beautiful beaches in the world. The waterfalls are also a sight for sore eyes.  The beautiful rainforests will have you feeling as if you are in an enchanted island. Maui is definitely best for that. Adrenaline junkies will love the activities that are on offer at Hawaii.  There are lots of water sports to enjoy such as scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing and more.  You can even go on an underwater cruise.

Hawaii is also home to Haleakala, which is one of the most famous volcanoes in the world, based in Maui.  If it is a romantic vacation, you are looking to enjoy – then you will love the scenery. As well as the lush beaches, you will find spectacular sunsets and sunrises that look as if they have come straight out of a postcard.  

An Insider's Guide To Oahu, Hawaii


If you haven’t been to Capri – it should definitely be on your list of destinations for 2020.  There is so much to enjoy including the world famous Piazetta.  Here you will find different cafes that are open for early risers to enjoy an early morning cappuccino – to those of you who would like a late-night glass of wine. 

If you really want to experience the island of Capri, you should do you can do so by boat. You could spend a few hours exploring their coves and grottos and experience something a little different.  There are also regular boat tours that you can enjoy to take you around the island. You can indulge in some fantastic food dishes when you head to Capri. There is of course the caprese salad that contains, mozzarella, basil leaves, tomatoes and olive oil which can be fond pretty much everywhere you go.  The home of pizza also isn’t too far away. In fact, it’s an hour away in Naples. There is also lots of nightlife in Naples. Dinner time is normally around 10pm – and you will find that some of the nightclubs don’t even open until 12am. Most people who stay in Capri tend to have a bit of a disco nap during the day so they can stay out later at night.  If you love your wine, then Capri should also be on your list of destinations. Sit back, relax and enjoy a Chianti.  

The Most Picturesque Hotels In Italy

If you want to make your next holiday a bit more special – then make sure you research these fabulous islands for a trip of a lifetime.


5 Luxury Travel Escapes For The New Year

There are two kinds of holidays. There’s the typical, annual package holiday (sun, sea and sand)… and then there’s the city break. That’s it, right? Not exactly. Nestled somewhere in the middle is a vacation that takes the basic concept of the former and the explorative spirit of the latter – the luxury holiday. 

“Luxury” is a word that conjures up different things for different people, of course, but in this context, we’re referring to the kind of holidays where you really get a chance to spoil yourself. So, if you’re thinking of indulging in a luxury getaway before the end of the year and catching some winter sun, where’s looking good this time of year?


The third largest island in the Mediterranean is a hit with younger and older travellers, thanks to its reputation as both a relaxing haven and a partiers paradise. In truth, however, what it really offers is a little of something for everyone. The crystal-clear waters surrounding Paphos and the party capital of Ayia Napa, the historical monuments (some of which are over 10,000 years old) and a rich and varied culture all add up to one of the most interesting luxury holiday destinations.

Dominican Republic

One of the most diverse and celebrated islands in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic boasts not only stunning mountains but vast desert scrubland, vibrant city life and some incredible colonial architecture. It’s also one of the most popular honeymoon destinations on the planet and that is primarily because everything about it screams luxury – from the exclusive resorts to the exotic wildlife and everything in between.


The jewel of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a multicultural island paradise with eclectic landscapes that take in everything from rainforests to endless white sandy beaches. World-famous for its diving experiences as well as its exclusive oceanside resorts, Mauritius is all about water sports and sunbathing. If that sounds like your idea of luxury, then jump right in.


Thailand is a country where you can live like a king on a pauper’s salary and it’s for this reason that it is so full of British expats. It’s also a remarkably rich and diverse country that acts as a gateway to Southeast Asia and the rest of what the region has to offer. Come for the temples and the full moon parties but stay for the beaches and the incredible river cruises. Indeed, take a river cruise on the River Kwai and you’ll experience the entire country from a completely fresh perspective, all whilst basking in the lap of luxury.


The Middle East and Africa’s most popular tourist destination is also brimming with luxury potential. It’s got so much more to offer than just the pyramids  and if you really want to experience the country at it’s best, consider an epic cruise along the Nile. It’s an experience that we promise will stick with you for the rest of your life.

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A Gift Guide For a Dame Traveler

Dame Traveler's Gift Guide For Female Travelers

Gift shopping can be tricky! Especially for our gal pals (or ourselves!) that always seem to have a major case of wanderlust. What do you get a girl who’s seen the wide and wonderful world? So often, female travelers value experiences over things. They collect moments over physical goods. We know that shopping for women who travel can be tricky. And that’s why we’re excited to share our top picks for our gift guide for female travelers!

From tech goodies for the digital nomad, photographer or gal on the go, our staple pieces we always love packing and some thoughtful, creative gifts she’ll cherish for life… happy shopping! 

Dame Traveler's Gift Guide For Female Travelers


These rose gold beauties are the perfect travel shoe that adds a little pop of color. Perfect for summer and winter trips, these sneakers are comfy and versatile. Great for dressing up an outfit while also keeping comfortable. And we love that they are ethically made by Italian artisans for the modern traveler. We’re obsessed!

Dame Traveler's 2018 Gift Guide For Female Travelers


We’re never without our Lo & Sons purse! This camera bag is stylish enough to pass as a regular crossbody purse, but functions as the perfect home for your precious photography goods.

Designed specifically to fit and protect DSLR cameras, this leather crossbody purse is a must for female travelers. And if you’re worried about size… fear not! The internal padding keeps your camera and an extra lens secure and there’s lots of extra room for your cash, keys and daily essentials.

Best of all, the Claremont bag doesn’t look like a tourists’ camera bag! We love that it doesn’t draw attention to itself when in busy tourist areas to potential thieves.

Dame Traveler's 2018 Gift Guide For Female Travelers


Ready for the gift that will make any traveler beside themselves? Book them a photoshoot on their next trip!

We know that travelers value memories and moments – so why not give them a momento that will last a lifetime? Flytographer allows travelers to book photoshoots with photographers around the globe to document their adventures. A gift card with Flytographer gives travelers the gift of memories… a perfect travel souvenir!

Having photos of their adventures in their favorite places in the world is a sentimental gift that any traveler will love for years to come. Imagine being able to show beautiful photos of their wild adventures for generations to come. Gift them a gift that will keep on giving! And be sure that they use the code DAMETRAVELER2019 for $25 off their shoot.

Dame Traveler's 2018 Gift Guide For Female Travelers


This chic and comfortable swimsuit is our favorite because of its full coverage and support. We love the vintage silhouette of the capped sleeves and low scooped back, and its raw edge, hand cut scalloped edges add the perfect adorable details. Quick drying, fully lined and made with a great stretch – this swimsuit is always in our suitcases. This one piece is versatile enough to be worn on the beaches around the world, no matter the location!

Dame Traveler's 2018 Gift Guide For Female Travelers


We love this handy, little planner!As much as we live by our e-calendars, there’s nothing like putting plans down with pen and paper. The weekly layout is the most perfect size, as it doesn’t take up too much room in our bag, and is perfect for travelers who need to keep themselves (and their schedule) organized. We also love this planner’s tiny little details, like the gold foiled stamping and blush paper.

Dame Traveler's 2018 Gift Guide For Female Travelers


These sneaks are the ideal travel companion for those active days sightseeing and exploring. Light, breezy, cool and cute, the Allbirds Tree Runners conforms to the foot and keeps them cool and odor free. Plus, they’re machine washable and soft enough to wear sock less! Better yet, you can wear these out and about knowing that your purchase is environment friendly with a low carbon footprint. Be sure to get these sneakers for the traveler who’s on the go!

Dame Traveler's 2018 Gift Guide For Female Travelers


We’re constantly asked what smartphones a traveler should have – especially for one who wants to capture photos on the go. We have one answer – the Google Pixel 3XL. This bad boy produces the sharpest images, in our opinion, and is sleek and modern. Its 8 MP wide angel and telephoto cameras really make it stand out amongst the crowd. We’re constantly blown away at the high quality images it produces over and over again. 

Dame Traveler's 2018 Gift Guide For Female Travelers


Ask any traveler what they’re always in need of – and their answer will mostly like be… more charge! Us explorers depend on having fully powered at the drop of a hat. Our technology, from our laptops, cameras, smartphones and more, are our ultimate needs and resources while on the go. That’s why we love MyCharge’s Razor Platinum Charger – it does it all. It’s the most powerful portable charger capable of powering a MacBook in 100 minutes, tablets, and other devices. And it’s small enough that it doesn’t take up room in our bags!

Dame Traveler's 2018 Gift Guide For Female Travelers


Krewe’s sunglasses are our absolute favorite. Not only are they chic and vintage inspired, but they also offer a lifetime warrantee and are prescription ready. That means any nicks or scratches that often happen to us travelers’s shades are taken care of! 

Dame Traveler's 2018 Gift Guide For Female Travelers

Happy shopping Dame Travelers!

Dame Traveler's 2018 Gift Guide For Female Travelers
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Hotels We Love: Four Seasons Chicago

With newly renovated rooms and views overlooking the Magnificent Mile, John Hancock tower, Lake Shore Drive AND the Chicago skyline, it’s no wonder why the Four Seasons Chicago is considered one of the best hotels to stay in the Windy City. It doesn’t just stop at the bird’s eye views, the building of the hotel offers indoor access to The Shops at 900 North Michigan (VERY convenient during Chicago’s cold winters), is equipped with a full organic spa, is decorated with original Art work from famous photographers and artists alike, a world class restaurant and more.

With a multi-million dollar renovation unveiled last year, the Four Seasons Chicago‘s 280 guest rooms are shining brighter than ever. With light and airy tones and hints of blue inspired by its neighbor, Lake Michigan and plenty of natural light shining in from its massive windows, the rooms will make you never want to leave the hotel.

Lakeview Executive Suite
This room offers a sliding door that separates the bedroom from the living room offering the ultimate privacy and making this room feel like home. Windows cover the walls from the living room to the bedroom that boast views of Lake Michigan, Michigan Avenue and the city skyline.

Room Service
A wide selection of (delicious) options are offered in the hotel’s breakfast, all-day dining and late night menus.

Martini Man
The Four Seasons is always a winner when it comes to creative experiences making every stay at their hotels more than just a place to rest your hear. Case in point, the Four Seasons Chicago offers an in-room bartender in the evenings that will create a martini to your liking with tons of options and fun garnishes!

The Modern American Restaurant at Allium has just topped my list of favorite restaurants in the Windy City. We sampled a ton of delicious dishes from  from Chef Sean Murray: and the Lobster Nachos with avocado, goat cheese, pickled jalapeno and corn tortillas and the Brick Chicken were some of my favorite highlights.

Healthy juices to kick start your day: Turmeric Tonic (orange, cayenne, apple cider vinegar, sea salt) and Green with Envy (kale, honeydew, fennel, pear, lime, ginger).

Power Grain Bowl (wild rice, freekeh, kamut, butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, cranberry-miso dressing)

With a 50 foot indoor pool (that was actually the location where the cannonball scene in the movie Home Alone 2 was filmed by the way!) is a pure dream with views of Michigan avenue from its windows. The Spa also offers world-class organic treatments where you can relax in the spa lounge, whirlpool and or steam room before and after. The Lake Shore Hydrating Facial was the perfect solution to our super dehydrated skin being exposed to the cold winter months in NYC. The Spa uses Sothys, one of the best product lines in the skin & beauty industry.

All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only. The owner of this blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site. I was invited as guest by the Four Seasons Chicago. As always, all opinions are my own.