Remarkable Women Explorers Revolutionizing Women’s Travel!

There has been an imbalance in the travel industry in the past decades, alienating women from traveling independently. Over the years, a class of brave women explorers has gone against the set narrative to liberalize the travel industry for women all over the world. Some challenges like lack of open platforms for female travelers among other factors have been solved by these women in the industry improving the travel standards globally. 

Today, a woman can team up with other women in popular travel groups or choose to explore the world on their own. The possibilities are practically endless for the modern-day woman with an unquenchable zeal for adventure—  that’s how it should be!


She is known as the founder and director of Impact Travel Alliance (ITA), a community operating in six continents. ITA aims at advancing the travel world by making travelers knowledgeable on better responsible customs. The alliance, which has several chapters all over the world, ensures that travelers prospect have positive results especially in the local communities and on the world. Their current project is on active participation in fighting for a more restful industry and not only on learning sustainable travel. Kelley Louise’s initiative lets women feel secure to travel to different destinations and maximize their traveling experience.


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When the pandemic hit, local guides lost their jobs and local artisans lost their revenue. Sara and Lora created the local purse which aims at solving and addressing these problems. The local purse aims at connecting travelers whose movement is now restricted, with experienced local guides who lost their jobs and local artisans who also lost their revenues. It unites travelers and merchants all over the world which is an exchange with mutual benefits. It has opened doors for users to purchase and learn about several items and has created opportunities to explore. They both developed an enterprise for the preservation of human culture and also built on human connection values.

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Some women love solo traveling, something which is highly stigmatized by society to sensationalize fear to adventurous women. Fernanda Silveira, the CEO, and founder of Wanderher started an initiative for women travelers and especially those who love traveling alone. This initiative was started in 2017 to link up solo traveling women prior to and during their travel. It uses geolocation and relates individual women’s interests to come up with travelers that are compatible. This initiative is not biased on race, ethnicity, or age but supports and empowers solo travelers on their adventures. It aims at clarifying plans and practices of solo traveling from a female perspective.


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Evita is the founder and CEO of NOMADNESS travel tribe. Evita lived in Japan, France, and Thailand where she did not see travelers like her or with interests common to hers and therefore decided to create a connecting space for similar people. She then founded NOMADNESS travel tribe which was launched to be both a physical and digital platform for black travelers to meet. The platform of travelers has since grown exponentially attracting many women of color.


In bringing together her love for culture and story-telling, Karthika Gupta founded a multi-layered platform, CulturallyOurs. Its objective was to grow connections and eliminate all perceived and actual barriers. Her project allows her audience to enjoy lifestyle, travel, explore and celebrate culture from all over the world. CulturallyOurs was created to fill a certain gap of loneliness, isolation, and misunderstanding often felt by people. Such a gap cannot be filled by technology. CulturallyOurs is a space for connecting people, exploring cultural diversities all over the globe, and sharing stories that ensure people from diverse backgrounds are included and appreciated.


Yulia is the founder of genius womxn which is an online community that inspires travel media creators using its membership program. Her inspiration for starting this community was the need for other women to feel supported when entering the travel industry. Its main aim is to change the status of the industry where most people do not share knowledge, guide each other and offer support to one another. It also aims at making women more confident, helps them use their voices constructively, and pursue their dreams freely. It is a platform that leaves women travelers bold and empowered making the world a better place.

Female Solo Travelers Exchange Information Through Private Social Media Groups

Bold women are really changing the complexion of the travel industry by learning responsible traveling habits, sharing fascinating stories, and connecting with other women travelers. Solo women travelers can now feel empowered and supported. It is through these incredible forums that better and affordable ways of traveling are getting discovered.

Women have proved to be smart travelers who optimize their traveling experience by exchanging knowledge and experiences in groups on social media. Around the world, networks are being built to connect female travelers from all over the world. These groups don’t just share practical advice on how to deal with luggage on Eurostar, lost passports, and the best budget accommodations around the world. A much more important topic discussed in these groups is how to stay safe as a woman traveling alone. Unfortunately, women still need to consider safety concerns, and sharing valuable information with other female travelers helps women stay safe while exploring the world!  

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