Spice Up Your Bucket List With These Unique Destinations

Lost In Time In Suzhou, China | Dame Traveler

Feast your eyes! Today, we’re sharing our top fifteen bucket list destinations we’d love more travelers to visit in this new year. We’ve carefully curated our list to feature some classic beauties, as well as lots of unexpected, under-the-radar destinations as well!

Beirut, Lebanon

Lebanon will completely blow any traveler’s perceptions out of the water. With its ancient relics neighboring modern, sleek architecture, Beirut is a diamond of a city. You can check out our insider’s guide to this beauty here.

Suzhou, China

Known as the “Venice of China,” Suzhou feels like a place stuck in time. The canals of this city are incredibly charming, aged and peaceful. Some of our favorite photos of the year came from our time here.

Lost In Time In Suzhou, China | Dame Traveler
Lost In Time In Suzhou, China | Dame Traveler

Scotland, UK

The land of whisky, magic and tartans… Scotland’s sure to charm any photographer with its stony architecture and rolling hills. We love Edinburgh so much, but we also have lots of recommendations of incredibly unique destinations just outside of Scotland’s major city.

The Maldives

If you’re on Instagram, you’ve definitely seen your fair share of photos from The Maldives. But, truth be told, the islands are famous for good reason. Stocked with oceanic scenes and wild sunsets no photo you encapsulate, The Maldives might be a slice of heaven on earth!

Serenity Found In The Tropical Maldives


Pagodas like you’ve never seen before. Myanmar sparkles with delightful details in every shape and form. Between Bagan’s wild setting and Yangon’s peaceful serenity, there’s so much of this country to encapsulate!

Myanmar: A Photo Diary & Insider's Guide

Lofoten, Norway

Fjords catapulting themselves into the deep, Norwegian waters. Talk about a photographers dream come true. It’s so hard to put down your camera when in Norway. But even more so in the small, quiet and quaint little fishing town of Lofoten.

Norway: Exploring The Arctic Circle's Natural Wonders


Experience what we like to call the romantic age of travel in Monaco. This seaside destination is a feast for the eyes (and a great place to kick your feet up)… especially for vintage travel enthusiasts.

Reliving The Romantic Age Of Travel In Monaco


Armenia blew us away this past year. The culture and history of this nation is truly mind blowing, as is the Eurasian architecture and ancient sites. It’s a true destination for the traveler who loves history!

Armenia: The Undiscovered Jewel Of Eurasia
Armenia: The Undiscovered Jewel Of Eurasia

Amalfi Coast

Ah, yes… Amalfi. The place we hold so dear to our hearts. The Amalfi Coast is dotted with so many amazing vantage points, lovely details and oceanic scenes.


Cuba is just one of those places we consider ourselves lucky to experience first hand. There might not be much more time for travelers to explore this wonder, so if your eyes are keen to see Cuba for yourself – do so quickly!

Tokyo, Japan

Bustling, tranquil, modern and ancient all at once? Yep, that’s Tokyo for ya! Tokyo’s sprawling with so many neighborhoods to explore. In between noshing on bento boxes, ramen and the best sushi in the world, you’ll find yourself in awe of this beautiful city. Tokyo is filled with so many quirky oddities as well as aged, worn relics.

New Orleans

New Orleans delights travelers from the very start!


Macchu Pichu is a world wonder for good reason. Seeing this wondrous sight for yourself will blow your mind. But don’t forget to get your cameras ready while exploring Cusco before your journey there!


Oh how we can’t wait to return to Patagonia again! Argentina’s vantage point of the epic mountains and wild, wild nature is something to behold. The remote and relaxing region of Argentina is ready for you to explore its awe-inspiring glaciers, steppe and mountains. 

Loire Valley, France

Paris may be an Instagram haven, but we also have a strong love for Loire Valley’s beauty. Chateaux, castles, wine, nature? I mean… if that isn’t heaven on earth for a traveler, we don’t know what is.

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