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If Your New Year’s Resolution Is To Travel More, Read This

It’s that weird in between Christmas and New Years time of the year. A time when most of us slow down, enjoy the company of those we hold dear… and dream. We start drumming up goals and aspirations. With the promise of a fresh start, a new year is coming. A new year of hope and change. If your new year’s resolution is to travel more, we’re glad to hear it. The world awaits for you to explore it with your own two feet.

A new chapter is yours to begin. This year, you will see more slices of this wide, beautiful, mysterious, heartbreakingly bittersweet world. You will. And we want to get you there.

Set Your Intention

Make it clear, make it loud and make it proud. Let the world know – you’re going to see it this year. There is power in declaring your intentions. The motivation to achieve comes quicker when we are dead clear about our goals.

So, set it.

You are not only going to travel more this year – you are going to bungee jump in New Zealand, you are going to sleep under the Milky Way in the Sahara Desert, you are going to eat the best pasta in the world in Italy.

State your dream. Set your goal. Write it down with pen and paper. Text a friend. Hold yourself accountable. For this is your one, only life to lead. And if you are hellbent and laser focused on exploring the globe and learning from its people – you’ll find yourself doing so. 

Identify What’s Holding You Back

It may be finances. It may be fear. And maybe, just maybe, it may be the notion that it will happen later. Ask yourself – Really… what is holding me back? What is stopping me from booking the ticket and hopping on the plane right now?

And be frank with your answers. Bullet point them down in a clearcut list. And now, problem solve. 

Not enough vacation time? Stow away your days for a trip over a major holiday you might have off already. You may miss family gatherings, but this is your dream, right? 

Need to save more money? Pick up a side hustle. Dog walk, make graphic designs for download, work on Fridays at a nearby cafe. Or make a scheduled payment into a separate travel fund once a week. $35 a week doesn’t seem like much during each deposit… but give it a few months and you’ll have enough for a flight in no time. 

Manage Your Hurdles

Hurdles? Yes, they’re bound to happen. Whether you find yourself feeling undermotivated in the midst of your savings, or your original plans are dashed due to scheduling issues or more… don’t lose hope. It’s all about managing your hurdles with grace and focus. 

No matter how prepared you feel for your epic travels ahead – you’re going to face issues. Take care of business, handle these problems with that laser focus you had when you made this your mission. Stay true to your resolution, your ultimate goal for this new year.W

Keep The Inspiration Alive

It’s easy make a resolution and stick to it for the first month or so. But what happens when you lose that initial burning desire? Give yourself grace, but also remember to keep your inspiration alive.

Follow Dame Traveler’s you love, dig deep into researching locations you love, join female travel communities, make a photo of your dream destination your phone’s background. 

And then, on the first day of every month – reevaluate. Ask yourself – How am I doing so far? What do I need to do this month to make my trip happen? What were my short comings last month?

Goals are easy to set – not easy to maintain. But, if your resolution this new year is to see more of this world… we’re wishing you a year not only filled with more adventure, but also one with self-fulfillment, joy and the motivation to do great things.

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  • Ess December 30, 2018 at 6:25 pm

    I have to say this. As an aspiring travel blogger, I have come across so many travel blogs and your articles stand out for real. There is an element which I can’t put a finger on but keep up the good work and I wish you all the more success.!! Happy New Year 2019 🙂

    • Nastasia December 31, 2018 at 9:21 am

      Thank you so much for your kind words!