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8 Travel Habits To Master In Your 20’s

For the young traveler, and the young at heart, getting into the swing of exploring the globe is an exhilarating ride. Each upcoming departure sets our hearts on fire and we dream of the next destination almost immediately upon landing. With our eyes focused on our passion of seeing and savoring the world, it’s easy to forget that with each trip comes great take-away lessons and tools to make the next one even better. With this in mind, we wanted to share some key travel habits to practice and learn while we’re still (relatively) new to the travel game. Here are 8 travel habits to master in your 20’s!



Choosing Destinations That Push Your Boundaries

If there’s one habit to conquer, it’s this! Deciding to explore a location that pushes you – whether that’s pushing yourself to go to a remote, rural retreat as a city loving gal or an adventurous romp around a country you’re unfamiliar with – expands our ability to overcome pre-determined ideals and emboldens us to try new things. Saying “yes” to the unexpected, unknown locations brings out the best of us.

Packing A Carry-On Like A Pro

Last minute trip for a long weekend? No problem! Being able to pack a carry-on like the absolute professional that you are is a skill to be proud of. Having your go-to outfits for certain types of activities, your favorite TSA approved toiletries on deck, and your tech ready to pack up and go is pretty much like suiting up to be Wonder Woman.

Bridging A Language Barrier With Ease

Being knowledgeable and accustomed to using amazing language tools like Duolingo and the Google Translate app is a gem of a travel habit to have… especially when in a pinch! There was a time when going to a location that didn’t speak English would mean some serious stress and pre-planning, but that time is (thankfully) no longer.

Identifying Tourist Traps Like A Boss

From overpriced tours to expensive menus with pictures included, you know a tourist trap when you see one. And, on the other side of the coin, you also know a local’s gem when you see one, too! Being able to spot and run far, far away from tourist traps is one travel habit superpower.

Practicing Responsible Travel

Giving back is perhaps the most amazing travel habit to master in your 20’s. You know simple, manageable, yet incredibly meaningful ways to travel consciously. You spend your money wisely… whether it’s supporting local women’s trades or booking tours through conscious, green companies!

Introducing Yourself To Locals & Other Travelers

This travel habit to master in your 20’s is your one-way ticket to empowerment. Gaining the self-confidence to walk up to a local and ask for directions or ask for their recommendation feels so good! Even the shyest of shy can become more bold when traveling… it’s one of the perks that comes with seeing the world. Mustering up the courage to make a new friend or a simple “hi, I’m…” is a secondary perk of putting yourself out in unfamiliar territory.

Balancing Documenting Your Trip & Being Present

The millennial gripe – how do you document your trip, photograph your delicious meals, tag your dreamy hotel on Instagram – while all remembering to savor everything without distractions? For those of you who have mastered this skill, kudos! Even the best of the best struggle with finding the perfect balance of documenting details while also remembering to be present and mindful. Not sure how to master this travel skill? We love the outlook that Nina has on photographing her travels.

Hacking A Great Flight Deal

Is there a better feeling than booking a ticket for a real steal? Being able to find a great flight for a reasonable price feels amazing. Nabbing an absolute bargain for a large expense, like airfare, is an incredible way to pinch your pennies to save for even more adventures! Even if you aren’t necessarily a “travel hacker,” this travel habit to master in your twenties should be number one on your list (even if it’s just for your own piggy bank)!

Our twenties might be some of the biggest years for lessons learned, trial and error and taking risks… but it can also be one of the most adventurous decades of our early lives. Here’s to learning and growing, both as explorers and individuals!

What are some travel habits you’re proud to have accomplished?
Comment below. I’d love to know!



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