How Cooking Keeps Me Inspired To Travel

In between one trip and the next, there’s a down period that can be a bear to overcome. It comes in many forms. In many hours scrolling Instagram in search of that inspiration again, in seeking out guide books at the local library – we’ve all been there. When we get to the mundane, normalcy of “regular life,” we have to turn to something to get us through. How do I cope? Cooking. ​​​​​​​Yep, cooking keeps me inspired to travel.

I’m definitely “a foodie traveler.” I seek out restaurants and local bites just as much (if not more) than historic sights, museums and tourist attractions. I have a whole Instagram board dedicated to the hole-in-the-wall places with dishes I dream of tasting. But, even if you aren’t the biggest food-lover out there… using the kitchen as a source of inspiration between explorations is a great way to get excited and nostalgic too.

To begin, you have to understand that each destination travelers get to experience comes with a rich history of food traditions closely tied to the locals cultural identity. Knowing a little bit about their food culture is as important as knowing their history! It makes the depth of your experiences more rich and profound.

Understanding the relevancy of matcha to ancient Japanese tea rituals elevates that morning iced drink you sip on. Being aware of the intense process of perfecting a buttery croissant makes you appreciate that morning breakfast in France. The more you know, the more you love and appreciate a meal.

When I’m back home, I take it upon myself to learn how to make these dishes in my own kitchen. It makes me feel a deeper kinship towards the places I’ve been lucky to explore. It reminds me of the quiet moments shared with my loved one over a meal. After all, scent is the sense most closely tied to memory! It’s my meal preparations that make me inspired to learn about the world at large too. Suddenly the world is at my fingertips, right at home.

Gather your ingredients and find a taste of the world, Dame Travelers. Be sure to check out @dametravelerfoodie on Instagram and on our blog for more foodie-inspiration around the world.

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