8 Bucketlist Destinations For Foodies

8 Bucketlist Destinations For Foodies

We’re huge fans of foodie travel. I mean, it’s pretty much the travel trend that everyone can get on board with! Today, we wanted to spotlight some of our favorite foodie cities perfect for any traveler who want to savor more than just a beautiful site or two. Here are eight bucketlist destinations for foodies!

By the way gals, we’re such fans of a beautiful and delicious place to grab a bite, we have our own foodie Instagram page. If you haven’t already checked out Dame Traveler Foodie… hop on it (although, we can’t be held responsible if you start drooling)!


If you’re wondering why Tokyo is at the top of our list of destinations for foodies, experience a morning at the Tsukiji Fish Market for a sushi breakfast followed by an evening savoring the most mouthwatering Japanese cuisines in the crowded and fabled Omoide Yokocho.

Between warming and savory ramens, thick udon noodles, the freshest sushi you could ever imagine and the unmatchable traditional Japanese meals, there is no other place to eat like Tokyo. Have you ever been to a robot themed restaurant? How about one that focuses on one animal only? Have you ever sipped on matcha tea while playing with friendly felines?

The city’s chaos and absolutely killer attention for detail is just part of the romance here. Get swept away by the Japanese flavors in this bustling city!


Sure, it’s an obvious choice. But Paris surprises us foodies over and over again! Its classics are absolute perfection, bar-none. We’re talking french onion soup that will blow all other competition out of the water, fresh crepes made on a blustery day and pain au chocolat that could make any sweet tooth bow down. Plus, the nostalgia of languidly sitting at a Parisian cafe over a croissant in the morning is just too good! The French’s most famed foods are well loved for a reason, so you should experience them at their absolute prime. Right?

And on the other side of the coin, Paris’s young and innovative side of culinary exploration is mind blowing. New chefs are creating fresh twists on foods unlike any other place in the world.


This city in Italy is translated as “the fat” – and it’s for good reason. Italy gave the world pizza and pasta, and yet Bologna gives visitors that and more. Bologna is perfectly situated between the mountainous regions of Italy, as well as the sea. What does that mean for us foodies? It’s the perfect meeting place for kickass Italian food!

The exceptional food here can be found in unexpected places, especially in its alleyways flooded by locals. Chow down on the best charcuterie of your life, featuring Parma ham, proscuitto, parmesano cheeses and olives (and truffles!) for a meal and thank us later. As one of our leading destinations for foodies, Bologna has yet to disappoint us with its authentic and amazingly simple and fresh treats.

New York

It’s the melting pot of the world, and it also is the melting pot of culinary flavors. New York is stocked FULL of new age multicultural gems, as well as historic classics. From traditional Jewish delis to the best slice of pizza to specialized treats that tourists flock to, New York has it ALL.

The food scene is so competitive (and delicious) here in the city, that its said that a bad restaurant won’t last longer than one yearly season. That means no horrible tourist-trap foods for you! We suggest getting off the beaten path and nixing any large name restaurant brands while here. If you’re looking for our favorite recommendations, be sure to check out our categorized hashtags – #dametravelerfoodie and #dametravelernyc. There you’ll find our fave restaurant jaunts!


Throughout each providence of Mexico, you’re bound to find traditional flavors and dishes unlike the next. However, we’ve found that Oaxacan food touts some of the most interesting and authentic flavors in all of Mexico! Oaxacan food is diverse, which for a traveler is a total win-win. On any given calle in Oaxaca, you’re bound to find flavors from Mesoamerica, Hispanic influences and street food that is out of this world. Spicy salsas, complex, rich moles, slow cooked soups, chiles and tacos, what isn’t there to love? If you’re feeling adventurous, try the crispy fried grasshopper!

Chiang Mai

Bangkok might be the obvious choice for experiencing Thai food, but we have something even better up our sleeve. Chiang Mai is the northern city of Thailand so riddled with foodie gems, it’s too good to pass up! Racing through the calm streets here via tuk-tuk, you’ll find street vendors and weekly street fairs stocked with smells and flavors that will send you reeling. In fact, some street vendors in Chiang Mai have created a celebrity following here. You’ll find locals and expats lined up for one dish for blocks if they’re exceptionally good!

Be sure to try the Thai classics like pad thai, mango sticky rice, spicy papaya salad and tom yam soup. But also, make an extra effort to try the northern classic – a bowl of khao soi. This egg noodle dish is stacked with pickled cabbage, shallots, spicy thai chiles and pork… and you’re bound to fall in love!

New Orleans

This southern city in America is known for indulgence – in drinks, in revelerie, in excess fun. But, New Orleans has a foodie scene unlike any other American city! Families have been perfecting the art of their Louisiana classics for generations now, which means for some awesome meals for us travelers. From gumbo to shrimp poe boys, freshly shucked oysters to deep fried alligator – the adventurous eater will be flummoxed with options in New Orleans!


Most people think of English food in terms of pub classics like fish and chips and chicken pies. However, London’s foodie scene has become increasingly cooler and more innovative throughout the years. Young chefs have been completely shifting the focus of culinary treats in London, and that means more delicious flavors for the average traveler. Sure, you’ll still be able to nip into a pub for an English classic, but you’ll also find multicultural options galore and some of the best food markets in Europe!

What cities are on your bucketlist for delicious bites? Have you ever traveled to a place specifically for their food? We’d love to know!

Don’t forget to join us on our foodie journeys on Dame Traveler Foodie!

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