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Barcelona’s Top 10 Instagrammable Spots

The whimsical architecture of Barcelona emphasizes the beauty that lies throughout the Catalonian city. The city is immersed with beautiful architecture that all carry unique yet cohesive designs. Here are my top 10 Instagrammable spots in Barcelona.

Plaça Reial
Right next to the famous La Rambla is Plaça Reial which is essentially a square outlined with cafes and restaurants. In the middle, sits a fountain and scattered throughout the square are large palm trees. Plaça Reial brings forth a sense of tranquility from something so simple yet so captivatingly beautiful.

Park Güell
Antoni Gaudí’s whimsical style is seen throughout Park Güell. The unique appearance of this park certainly makes this one of the best places to take pictures. The colorful accents, the eccentric architecture, and the view captured from the highest points in Park Güell marks this place as a must see. In fact, the Cheetah Girls themselves had a little musical number in Park Güell in Cheetah Girls 2. So, go be cheetah-licious.

Arc de Triomf
The color and detail that is seen in this arch cohesively ties in to the aesthetic that is seen throughout Barcelona. This arch is at the very end, or the very beginning, of a long passage. Palm trees are lined up on each side of this walkway which leads the eye to this enormous arch.

El Barrio Gótico
The Gothic Quarter of Barcelona takes on a dark aesthetic. Barcelona has a very whimsical feel, but in this area it is all the same dark color and the architecture is immersed with jagged edges. Carrer del Bisbe, pictured, is the most popular street to visit. Above the tight street is a dramatic walkway bridging both buildings. Everything about El Barrio Gótico is like taking a walk through the past.

Plaça d’Espanya
Plaça d’Espanya has a big circle with a fountain and monument right in the middle. Past this circle on both the left and right is a large garden. Within the gardens there are fountains that lead up to the top of the hill where the Font Màgica, the Magic Fountain, sits. During the summertime there is a mesmerizing light and water show. This picture is taken atop of Arenas de Barcelona which used to be a bull fighting arena. When Barcelona banned bull fighting, the arena was turned into a shopping center. The Arenas de Barcelona has a rooftop that allows you to see this magnificent view.

Casa Batlló
Casa Batlló is one of Gaudí’s well known masterpieces which does not come as a surprise once you are in front of it. Everything about this house seems like it was pulled out of a storybook: from the roof, to the chimney, to the railings, to the colorful design coating the front of the house. Casa Battló seems like something out of a dream, a place that will leave you utterly amazed.

La Pedrera
Not too far from Casa Batlló is La Pedrera. Your attention is drawn to it immediately due to its strange shape. It sits on a corner and the building in itself is a bunch of curved lines. Gaudí manages to bring art to life with the railings that are placed on the balconies.

La Rambla del Mar
When La Rambla comes to the end, you are greeted with a view of the marina. However, La Rambla continues onto the water and leads you to Maremagnum, a shopping center with the beautiful view of blue skies and bluer water. This is the perfect place to capture the calming atmosphere of countless boats, palm trees, and seagulls.

Palau de la Música Catalana
This concert venue is immersed in colors and the outside of the building is as beautiful as the inside. Roses are present throughout the exterior and interior: on the pillars, on the stained glass inside, and are even used to hide the air conditioning vents. In the concert hall, is the main focal point, the stained glass skylight. The view of the stained glass is illuminating from every aspect but when sitting directly under it, the centerpiece takes on a life of its own.

La Sagrada Família
Barcelona is the home of the breathtaking Sagrada Família. This cathedral is a must see. The outside of the church in itself is breathtaking. Once you get closer to the cathedral, you are able to see all the details implanted into the church. The amount of work that has gone into this creation leaves you wondering: “How?” You do not have to go inside but it is money well spent to walk through those doors. From the towering ceiling, to the stained glass windows, to the cross in the middle, everything is radiating art, history, and passion.





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    Palau de la Música Catalana was my favourite place in Barcelona!


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