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This Instagram Hack Will Make Planning Your Next Trip Totally Easy

Instagram has released a small yet mighty update to its platform that is perfect for travelers looking for the best hidden gems around the world. As we’ve written before, Instagram is our favorite itinerary planning tool. Today, I’m sharing the Instagram hack that will make planning your next trip totally easy. Let’s go!

Saved Locations

When a tagged location is shared on Instagram, clicking the link will take you to a page filled with other shared photos from that same place. I love skimming through image after image, finding inspiration in every snap! Should I happen to find a unique twist or vantage point, I’ll save that photo into my “saved” section (which looks like a little flag or book mark on the right side). Previously, this was as good as it got! But not anymore.

Now you can directly click the linked location. Why is this such a win? Well, these links will directly take you to your favorite mapping application. (I happen to love Google Maps to save locations and sights when I’m adventuring.) This is probably the greatest Instagram hack because it makes planning an absolute breeze. Simply click a location link, open your map, save the location. Boom. There you go!

This Instagram Hack Will Make Planning Your Next Trip Totally Easy
This Instagram Hack Will Make Planning Your Next Trip Totally Easy
This Instagram Hack Will Make Planning Your Next Trip Totally Easy
This Instagram Hack Will Make Planning Your Next Trip Totally Easy

Now, I can directly save that cool cafe or unique perspective of a famous sight onto my maps… making my experience ten times more personalized and picturesque! I love seeing the saved locations pop up as I’m meandering through a new city. There’s nothing better than having your must-see sights, restaurants and more at your fingertips!

Instagram has completely changed the way we plan and experience our travels! Whats your go-to Instagram hack other travelers will love?

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How To Use Instagram To Plan Your Travels

Instagram might be everyone’s favorite social media tool, but have you ever used it to plan your travel itinerary? We sure have! Turns out, Instagram is way more than pretty pictures and inspiration. With over five million uses of #dametraveler and over half a million followers, Instagram is stocked with lots of information for you to leverage when it comes to your adventures! Today, we’re sharing our tips and tricks for using Instagram to plan your travels.

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Make “Saved” Bucket List Boards

A few years ago, Instagram added a lovely little bookmark feature to “save” photos (it looks like a ribbon on the right hand side)! You’ve probably overlooked this feature a million times. But, honestly, it’s one of our go-to tools to save and organize photos that inspire us!

You can make saved boards for any sort of need. Home interior inspiration, quotes you love, etc. Similar to Pinterest, keeping organized boards is a great way to save handy information and inspiration. But we particularly love creating “bucket list boards.” Here are some ideas of how to organize your Instagram finds using saved boards!

Photo Inspiration

Whenever you see a photo that truly takes your breath away, take a second and save it for future reference. Why? Because there’s so much to learn from a well-executed photo! It’s fun to collect our favorite, epic photographs that inspire our work. Scrolling through them is like an instant refresh when you’re feeling uninspired or tired of the way you’re shooting. It’s fun to see how others shoot light, alter perspective, edit, play with color, posing and more! Plus, it gives you a clearer view on the type of imagery that speaks to you.

An Instagrammable Guide To Paris

Location-Specific Details

We love when a ‘grammer shares a very specific location tag in their posts! Why? Because then researching our itinerary to get there is so much easier. Specific location details give travelers the clarity on how/when/where they need to go to visit those iconic sights they’ve long loved!

Foodie Recommendations

Let’s be real. The best part about travel is sometimes the discoveries we make in restaurants around the world!

Start tuning in when others mention or tag their favorite restaurants/meals in the city you’re about to visit… and don’t forget to “save” them into your bucket list folder! Or, if you so happen to stumble upon a beautifully lit, stunning setting to have a coffee or grab a drink, save that too. Racking up lots of recommendations via Instagram gives you a visual on how delicious your trip is going to be, so get excited!

You can also do a quick search for Instagrammers that focus on food and travel. Just search your city + food/restaurants and see what pops up. If you happen to follow our page @dametravelerfoodie, you know we love sharing curated finds of our favorite restaurants and bars around the world!

P.S. you can also find more foodie-travel inspiration right here!

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Hotels And Lodgings You Love

Finding a unique, stunning place to rest your head at night can be tricky. But not if you’re using Instagram as your tool to plan your itinerary. Start noticing with travelers share their tagged hotels in the destination. If you absolutely love where they are staying, give that hotel a follow and “save” some of their pictures into the bucket list folder too! Don’t know where to start? Check out @dametravelerhotels and see some of our most beautiful hotels and residences we adore!

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Follow Location-Based Instagram Accounts

Instagram is a playground of fun when you’re starting to nail down the details in your trip itinerary! Guidebooks and blog posts are incredibly handy… but following location-based Instagram accounts not only gets you incredibly excited for your trip every time you open the app! After following some specific accounts, you’ll find that you’ll become more familiar with cities, locations, famous sights and cultural traditions – simply because they’re more present in your daily life.

Don’t know where to find these sort of accounts? Take a second or two and delve into Instagram’s search bar. Sometimes the tourism board Instagram’s have contain tons of gems. Simply search your location and start exploring.

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Don’t Forget To Source Hashtags!

Hashtags are follow-able! So, give a follow to some of your favorite hashtags that categorize photos by style, location and more. It’s a great way to collect inspiration and location-specific information.

Did you know that we actually sort hashtags by location? For example, if you want to plan a trip to New York City, you can search #dametravelernyc on Instagram and find some gorgeous sights and photos to guide your itinerary!

new york city

​​​​​​​Plus, if you’re trying to grow your following on Instagram, having these hashtags on lock to add to your post is a great way to start getting your photos more views.

Read Our E-Book On Finding Picturesque Hidden Gems

That’s right! We have an e-book going into detail on how we find epicly beautiful landscapes around the world that most consider to be hidden-gems. Check it out!

Instagram is so much more than a social media platform. In fact, it’s completely changing the travel industry. Use it to its fullest potential!

Do you use Instagram to plan your trips? We’d love to know your tips and triccks!

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An Photogenic Guide To Paris

An Instagrammable Guide To Paris

Paris, the City Of Light, has been my home away from home for about a half of a year now. Learning the ins and outs of this romantic city has been a joy of mine in these past few months. I’ve started collecting my favorite coffee shops, hidden locations to see its world famous sites far from the crowds, and boutiques and cafes with unique beauty all their own. Today, I’m sharing my Instagrammable Guide to Paris with you all!


In between my adventures around the globe, I’m constantly booking my favorite Parisian hotels last minute using Hotel Tonight. It’s my favorite little trick to finding gorgeous lodgings when I’m flying in and out of Paris for a day or two. The ease of booking with their website and app is incredible! And I always find some absolute stunners! You can get $25 off your stay by using my promo code: nyakoub too! 

Grand Pigalle Hotel

Pigalle is sort of like the Brooklyn of Paris. It’s stacked with street art, bustling bars and a lively night life scene. Plus, it’s within walking distance to  Notre Dame Cathedral and Arc de Triomphe. The Grand Pigalle’s design is a perfect combination of classic French architecture and Brisih design. I love it’s quirky details – from the pineapple shaped door knockers, metallic wall papers and martini-patterned carpets. The Grand Pigalle also has some of the best views of Montemartre, making it the perfect place to start your days of photo adventure from!

An Instagrammable Guide To Paris An Instagrammable Guide To Paris An Instagrammable Guide To Paris An Instagrammable Guide To Paris

Hotel Bachaumont

Hotel Bachaumont is centrally located in the chicest area of Paris, in my opinion! Sentier is filled with endless restaurants, shops and is super close to the Louvre and my favorite pedestrian only rue – Rue Montorgueil. Art deco lovers will absolutely love this space!

An Instagrammable Guide To Paris An Instagrammable Guide To Paris An Instagrammable Guide To Paris An Instagrammable Guide To Paris

The Hoxton

It honestly doesn’t get more Instagrammable than this hotel! The Hoxton’s spiral staircase, vintage vibes and perfect mash up of old and new has made this hotel one of the most picturesque in Paris!

An Instagrammable Guide To ParisAn Instagrammable Guide To Paris

Eat / Drink

Pink Mamma

Right down the street from Grand Pigalle Hotel is one of the most picturesque restaurants from the Big Mamma Group. Every corner and detail is photo worthy! And the food is just as good as the aesthetic!

20bis Rue de Douai, 75009 Paris, France

An Instagrammable Guide To Paris An Instagrammable Guide To Paris

Au Rocher de Cancale

Closely situated near the Hotel Bachaumont is another one of my favorite cafes in Paris! I could easily spend hours working here (in between snapping ‘grams every second).

78 Rue Montorgueil, 75002 Paris, France

An Instagrammable Guide To Paris

Le Train Bleu

Who knew that this breathtakingly gorgeous restaurant was tucked away in the Gare de Lyon train station?! Le Train Blue has a pricey menu, but it has a  super friendly staff. If you don’t plan on staying for lunch or dinner, at least take a peak inside the next time you’re waiting for your train at Gare de Lyon!

An Instagrammable Guide To Paris

Cafe Kitsune

For the chic fashionistas, this coffee shop is a staple in Paris and is within walking distance from Hotel Bachaumont! Right in the heart of one of the most picturesque parks in the city, Palais-Royal.

An Instagrammable Guide To Paris An Instagrammable Guide To Paris

Merci Cafe 

Books, coffee, vintage vibes, a carefully curated department store and a red vintage Fiat that greets you at the entrance. This place couldn’t be more Instagrammable if it tried. Merci cafe is located in the Marais, another trendy and totally beautiful neighborhood of Paris.

111 boulevard Beaumarchais 75003 Paris France

An Instagrammable Guide To Paris An Instagrammable Guide To Paris


This might be the most Instagrammed cafe in Paris – and for good reason! The design here is so adorable and cool at the same time… and it’s also a great place for coffee and brunch!

54 Rue de Saintonge, 75003, Paris, France

An Instagrammable Guide To Paris

Cafe de Flore 

This iconic cafe is a must when visiting the St. Germain area. So many beautiful details to see!

172 boulevard Saint-Germain 75006 Paris France

An Instagrammable Guide To Paris


Pigalle Basketball

I love this super colorful basketball court in Pigalle, right down the street from Grand Pigalle Hotel. Watch locals and spectors alike hang out in this unexpected colorful corner of Paris.

An Instagrammable Guide To Paris An Instagrammable Guide To Paris

Rue Montorgueil

One of my favorite rues in Paris, this pedestrian street is lined with restaurants, cafés, bakeries, cheese, flower shops and more. You can easily spend an entire afternoon walking and window shopping down this street, taking in the picturesque store fronts.

Rue Montorgueil Paris

Le Mur des Je t’aime

This translates to “The Wall Of Love” in English. This work of art is a must see for couples visiting Paris. See the wall covered in “I love you’s” 311 times in 250 languages. It’s a touching reminder of how beautiful love is. 

An Instagrammable Guide To Paris An Instagrammable Guide To Paris

29 Avenue Rapp

For the Art Nouveau fans out there, this door is as good as it gets!

An Instagrammable Guide To Paris

La Maison Rose

This infamously pink chateaux is worth the hike! I love the surrounding neighborhood alleyways and overgrown ivy!

An Instagrammable Guide To Paris

Rue Crémieux

This is the epitome of Paris charming visitors. This cobblestoned back alley is so Instagrammable, it’s insane! Hidden in the 12th arrondissement, this “secret” alley is colorful and features shutters and quaint details unlike the opulent French architecture Paris is known for.

An Instagrammable Guide To Paris

Coulée verte René-Dumont

Paris has their own version of New York City’s famous Highline in Bercy and the linear elevated park just as s beautiful as NYC’s. This part is super peaceful with tons of greenery, Paris street views and art along its 4.5 km walk.

1 Coulée verte René-Dumont, 75012 Paris, France

An Instagrammable Guide To Paris

Galeries Lafayette Haussmann

You’re probably wondering why a mall is on our list… but hear us out! The Galeries Lafayette is not only stunning on the inside, with its stained glass ceiling, but what most people miss is their rooftop view on the 7th floor with spectacular views! It’s a great place to snap sunset photos and avoid the long line that you’d be waiting in if you went up to the top of the uber touristy Arc de Triomphe.

40 boulevard Haussmann 75009 Paris

Galeries Lafayette Haussmann

The Abbey Bookshop

Hidden in a little alleyway in the Latin Quarter, walk through the maze of books and be greeted by the friendliest owner from Canada.

29 Rue de la Parcheminerie, 75005 Paris, France

An Instagrammable Guide To Paris

View of Eiffel Tower from Paris Métro Line 6

Prepare for the shot one station before approaching the Passy – Bir-Hakeim station to catch a unique frame of the Eiffel Tower through the Paris Metro windows.

Paris Metro France


Paris is already such a beautiful city, but I hope these hidden gems add another layer of charm to your visit in The City Of Light!

Sponsored by Hotel Tonight. All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only. The owner of this blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site. All opinions are my own.


How Instagram Is Changing The Travel Game

The modern traveler uses many online resources to curate the absolute best itinerary for themselves. Where are most getting their inspiration from? Easy. Instagram. Clearly, with over 1 billion Insta users and 3.5 million uses of #dametraveler, we have a need and desire for travel imagery. And that, in turn, in influencing how we travel. Yes, it’s true… Instagram is changing the travel game.

The overwhelming amount of photographs being shared on the web has changed how we digest information. We’re more visually stimulated now more than ever. And, in turn, travelers are making their choices based on photographs they’ve seen on their favorite social media platform – Instagram.

What’s even more futuristic about Instagram’s influence on the tourism industry? Because of the app, we’re only a few clicks away from seeing a picture and then booking tickets to see that place. Think about it! Gone are the days of paper maps and compass-driven exploration. And instead, we turn to Instagram to get in-time advice and inspiration. Find a destination using its location or hashtag, find the tourism page, click their link in bio, book your tickets.

Instagram’s influence on the travel industry is evident. The world becomes slightly smaller and more manageable to traipse through. It’s an amazing thing. Because of this little tiny app, careers have been made out of adventuring full-time. Influencers are able to share destinations, hotels, restaurants and experiences that they love. Viewers can see first-hand beautiful destinations they’d never heard or seen before.

“Instagrammable” Destinations

Having their finger on the pulse of what’s popular, more and more companies are creating their spaces on what they deem “Instagrammable.” It’s a smart tactic. Users find spaces beautiful, they share it on the ‘gram and the rest is history!

With new spaces created with photographs in mind like The Museum Of Ice Cream and 29 Rooms popping up regularly and often, it’s clear – creating the most “Instagrammable” location and experience for travelers is a total win-win for companies.

When an image resonates with tourists, they flock to it. In turn, once-hidden gems have become Instagram-famous… and some have become quite the spectacle! The dark side, of course, is overcrowding of local haunts, environmental damage, and dangerous behavior can follow.


Is There A Dark Side Of Instagram Tourism?

It’s important to know one thing about the beautiful destinations we see shared on social media. It is heavily influencing how we see the world. And sometimes (not always!) it’s an unrealistic portrayal. Instagram is guilty, just as all other apps, of creating an impractical picture of destinations. For example, from the undiscerning eye, you might expect to see the Trevi Fountain completely empty at any point of the day!

It’s the nature of the beast, isn’t it? Influencers are paid to create beautiful imagery around the world. Their paycheck comes from the magical photos they create of destinations far and wide. What “sells” is perfected images. So, of course the images you find yourself double tapping are clean cut, dreamy photographs!

Managing expectations is a huge need for the average Instagram traveler. It’s important to keep a realistic viewpoint on what to expect on your adventures, no matter what Instagram images tell you.

We, here at Dame Traveler have a clear stance on our relationship with Instagram and travel. We believe our curated collection of stories from the road and illustrative, empower women to travel the world with every snapshot shared. Our mission is not to portray an unimaginable fantasy, but to tell real life stories of female travelers who made their dreams a reality and the tales they’ve collected along the way. 

We think that Instagram photos we share makes the world seem attainable to the woman viewing it. We want you to feel like you can see the world, just like the adventurous women tagged in the photo.

Understanding Instagram’s Influence In Real Life Travel

Some final thoughts. It’s important to travel for your desires, but it’s even more important to be in touch with your impact on the destinations you traipse. Make itinerary decisions wisely and with care. Share your own experience instead of recreating others. Beauty is found in every corner of this earth. Find your own little haven that hasn’t been shared! Should you decide to go to an Instagram-famous destination, manage your expectations and be mindful of how your visit influences the space.

What are your thoughts on Instagram’s influence on travel? Do you think that Instagram is changing the travel game? We’d love to discuss this point further!

Advice Journal

More Than Just Instagram: Dame Traveler’s Mission, Heart & Soul

More Than Just Instagram: Dame Traveler's Mission, Heart & Soul

Dame Traveler is more than an Instagram account filled dream-inducing pictures of women gazing off in far-off places. We are more than a hashtag categorizing women’s travels. Dame Traveler’s mission is to create a movement that inspires and empowers women to travel more, experience more and be more.

From backpackers in Peru, to artists in Berlin, to storytellers in Morocco, we believe in celebrating the diversity and bravery of women from around the world who are not afraid to think (and live) outside of the box. Dame Travelers exemplify the spirit of true adventurers while stumping assumptions that the world is unsafe and unfit for solo female travel. Our curated collection of stories from the road and illustrative, empowering photography allows any woman to travel the world with every snapshot shared. Our mission is not to portray an unimaginable fantasy, but to tell real life stories of female travelers who made their dreams a reality and the tales they’ve collected along the way.

We believe in the incredible power that travel lends to those who experience it. Dame Traveler’s mission is to inspire, but it is also to encourage and embolden the women who follow us. We believe in the women who dare to dream. It is the women who leap into the possibilities of life that lead lives well-lived.

Our amazing community of female travelers gathers in the online space. It’s our hub for communicating, for connecting. And it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. However, it seems like we, as modern people, attain so much of our worth to numbers. How many likes we receive, how many followers we attain in a day. These frivolous numbers seem to be the deciding factor of our value. It’s our hope to remind our fellow Dame Travelers that our heart and soul remain outside of the digital space. It’s so much bigger than that. We may “meet” in DM’s and likes and comments, but we aspire to inspire you so much more.

Dame Traveler’s mission is to give female travelers the encouragement, the resources and the passion for all that is waiting for them in the world. Adventure, experiences, learning, growing, changes. Dame Traveler’s heart and soul comes from the stories you tell us from your life on the road. Our passion lies in the ups and downs and beautiful memories you have made while savoring the world.


Dame Traveler is yours. It’s your place, it’s your community. It’s your platform to share your stories and lessons learned. Dame Traveler is your hub for inspiration.

A Dame Traveler is any woman who aspires to be and do and see and learn from this world. You.