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A Solo Traveler’s Perfect 7 Day Itinerary In Tasmania

For some people, traveling alone is the best. You don’t have to accommodate anyone’s needs and wishes, you can go wherever you want and stay as long as you feel like it, and you can choose whichever activities you’d like to try without listening to people whining about them being bored or their legs hurting. In addition, it’s also more affordable, so it’s no wonder so many women today like to enjoy solitary trips to all kinds of destinations.

Tasmania is Australia’s smallest state down in the south, as close to the edge of the world as one gets. Not only is it a natural paradise with stunning bays, sandy beaches, spectacular mountains and unique wildlife, it’s also a friendly place with safe streets and good roads with little traffic. The fact that it’s safe even at night makes it ideal for female solo travelers as well as those who prefer peace and quiet – since you won’t be bothered by loud parties in Tasmania. In addition, car rental is cheap, so you might want to consider going for this options instead of taking an expensive ferry – it is the most convenient option after all. The distances are not particularly big on this piece of land so, in just seven days, you can visit quite a few places if you organize it right. On that note, we are here to give you a plan that is perfect for a 7-day getaway in Tasmania. You can, of course, modify it according to your preferences, but it will still give you a pretty good idea of all the things you can do on your solo holiday.

Day 1: The Historic Landscape Of Hobart

You should definitely start your 7-day Tasmania adventure in the capital of the state, Hobart, which is also one of Australia’s oldest cities. History and art lovers will be enchanted by this place. It has a lovely harbor much different from the busy ones you see in Sydney and the city’s streets are adorned by 19th-century Georgian warehouses that are today used as cafes, pubs, restaurants and specialty shops, so simply strolling the streets will give you a taste of the town’s history. If you happen to arrive on Saturday, don’t miss out on visiting the Salamanca Market in the Salamanca Place, where you can buy handmade crafts and delicious street food.

Day 2: Meet The Tasmanian Devil

Conveniently located just a stone’s throw from Hobart, you can spend your second day meeting the famous Tasmanian devil at the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary in Brighton. Did you know that this animal is actually not at all scary? It got its name when European settlers heard blood-curdling screams and growls, but in fact, it’s a small dog-like creature. Besides getting up-close with these cute little fur balls, you can also see various other animals native to Australia here, such as kangaroos, wombats and fluffy koalas! The park offers various kinds of tours and even animal feeding experiences, so if you’re an animal lover, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet these unique creatures.

Day 3-5: Breathtaking Views At Three Capes

With just a one-and-a-half-hour drive from Brighton, you can get to the Tasman National Park, where you will be spending the next few days. This natural wonder is famous for its spectacular rock formations (including 300-meter high cliffs!) and amazing views of the roaring sea. You can catch a glimpse of the local marine wildlife including penguins, dolphins and migrating whales if you are lucky enough, and just strolling around will give you a sight that you will remember forever. However, if you really want to make the most of your stay here, it’s best you look up a couple of guided tour options, so that professionals make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the beautiful vistas. You can, for example, opt for a guided three-day tour on the Three Capes Track which includes transportation from Hobart – in that case, you won’t even have to get there yourself and figure out the way, all you’ll have to do is enjoy the views and take loads and loads of pictures. You will see Cape Raoul, Waterfall Bay, Stewarts Bay, Fortescue Bay, Cape Hauy, Cape Pillar and many more on this fabulous journey!


Day 6: Port Arthur’s Horror Stories

After spending three days walking, you are likely to want to take it easy. So, if you’re already there in the Tasman National Park, it would be a shame to miss out on the Port Arthur Historic Site. Get acquainted with all the disturbing stories of the vilest criminals who inhabited the cells of what are today ruins with a twist of history. Today’s peaceful surroundings make it hard to imagine what the place once was, but take a tour and you will certainly see the ruins in a different light by the end! The site even offers ghost tours at night which can be exciting if you are interested in the paranormal, since numerous unexplained events have happened in Port Arthur in the past.

Day 7: Unparalleled Nature Of Freycinet National Park

After this historic lesson, head north, because your next (and last) stop is Freycinet National Park. It is often regarded as one of Tasmania’s and Australia’s best national parks, with awe-inspiring views of the famous Wineglass Bay, pink granite stone formations, secluded, white sandy beaches and diverse birdlife. Here, too, you can choose from various tracks depending on your fitness level and your time constraints. If you’re an experienced hiker and don’t want to miss out on a breathtaking view of the bay and the mountain ranges, consider taking a hike up. If, however, you want to make the last day of your journey more laid-back, consider taking a cruise – it will give you amazing views too.


Tasmania is an ideal destination for solo traveler ladies who are looking for a nature-infused, memorable journey. After your 7-day holiday, you will definitely want to come back for more. Besides these amazing locations, there are so many more that deserve a mention; from Bruny Island and the Bay of Fires to Tamar Valley, the opportunities are endless. It is truly a magical place.

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