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Why Winter Is The Best Season To Visit New Zealand

New Zealand is a unique island country that draws tourists like a magnet all year round. If you love beach holidays and wine tastings, then the opportune time to book your trip is in the summer. But if you’re more into snow-covered slopes, fewer tourists, and lots of adventure, then you will definitely benefit from flocking to the islands in winter. In fact, we believe that winter is the best season to visit New Zealand, and here are five reasons why.


1. Traveling for thrifty travelers

June, the first month of New Zealand’s winter, belongs to the low season. There are fewer tourists at the beginning of winter, so hotels normally reduce prices for accommodation. The same goes for plane tickets, car rental, tours, and entertainment. In addition, wintertime is an ideal season for introverts – unlike summer, there are no crowds of tourists occupying all local sights. If you plan to stay away from the advertised ski resorts, you can barely meet any tourist-packed buses.  Explore New Zealand’s best in your own hire car with a company like Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

2. Snow makeover

New Zealand is beautiful all year round but in winter, mountain tops adorned with snow caps add a touch of magic to the landscape. Mountains, like giant cupcakes covered with velvet frosting, can be found here and there no matter where you travel throughout the islands. Any journey in winter, whether on New Zealand small group tours or by rented car, gets a boost of excitement when you cruise through the land of snowy peaks.

3. It’s time to unpack your skis or snowboard

Winter vacation enthusiasts from the Northern Hemisphere are sure to miss the charm of ski resorts in the summer. If you’re a sucker for skiing or snowboarding, you don’t have to wait several months until the chill comes to your vicinity. In New Zealand, the wintertime is in full swing by July. Hundreds of ski fields, ranging from the world famous and loaded with tourists to more intimate yet equally worthy resorts, await you in this Polynesian country. What is especially cool about New Zealand is that the mountains always have snow cover, so you don’t have to struggle with bare mountains or icy terrain.

4. It doesn’t get too cold

Despite the fact that New Zealand turns white in winter, the snow mostly lies in the mountains and rarely reaches your feet. This means that you won’t get numb with cold while sightseeing. Numerous giant lakes of the South Island maintain a comfortable temperature in winter, while warm currents enveloping the North Island contribute to the mild climate. In fact, the temperature rarely drops below 10 °C. On a sunny day, you can even bask on a beach without the risk of freezing your limbs off.

5. Unique plant and animal species

New Zealand is not only the home for majestic mountains, crystal-clear lakes, and mighty geysers, but also a unique kingdom of fauna. Many endemic species that can be seen nowhere else in the world inhabit the islands. In winter, the whale migration routes pass so close to the coast of New Zealand that you can see these gigantic aquatic mammals literally from ashore, especially in Kaikoura. If you want to come in closer contact with this marvel of nature, you can hire a boat with a guide or hop on one of the many tourist yachts.

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