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We Discovered The Airbnb Of Cars – TravelCar

Travel – it’s dreamy, it’s life changing, but as you well know, there are a lot of steps involved before collecting another passport stamp or posting your beachfront photo onto Instagram! With the headaches of the knitty-gritty details, it’s good to know that there are travel startups that are set on easing the exhausted traveler’s mind (and pocket). AirBnb reinvented travel accommodations… and now TravelCar is reinventing airport parking and vehicle rentals.

The young, conscious traveler like you and I have been quick to adopt sharing housing, bikes, and (it’s official) car sharing… especially when it negates all the expenses of maneuvering around airport shuttles, booking private transfers and busses. Spending less on transportation and more on the experiences on your bucket list? Yeah, count me in.

I love the local to local connection that many new travel companies are building their missions upon, like AirBnb. I love the community it provides, the local driven experiences it opens up to foreign travelers and the unique housing it provides. And I just really love the idea of having that same choice for cars! The typical AirBnb user is a unique type of adventurer… they want to see the world while also getting in touch with its locals as much as possible. I guess the same would be for TravelCar. Renters for this company are ones that believe in experiencing the most special and unique sites off the beaten path and recommended by locals, and they’re also willing to provide the same flexible transportation option to others.

When planning my upcoming adventures in the English countryside, I asked myself exactly how I wanted to travel between two very small towns. Knowing that there basically were limitless gorgeous vistas, quaint villages and castles scattered between the two destinations, I realized that my options for truly experiencing the rural countryside were few and far between. Although I worried about having to drive on the left hand side of the road (I seriously don’t know how you Brits do it!), I knew that my eyes and memories were going to thank me for choosing to rent a car, as opposed to booking a bus or train. Being able to make my own itinerary, pull off on the side of the road when I fancied to photograph something, and take little scenic routes is something I’m looking forward to most! Booking a car provides the flexibility I crave… what about you?

TravelCar’s mission is simple – park your car for free at the airport after you agree to rent out your car to another verified TravelCar client. You earn money for every mile driven and are given protection of $1 million liability insurance if your car is rented while you travel. Or if it’s not, you’ll still get free parking. (And before you get worried about your precious four wheeled baby, just know that the company has a TrustPilot score of 9.4!) Or, if you’d rather not share your car, you can still park with TravelCar and receive the lowest airport parking rates guaranteed.

Long story short, TravelCar’s free airport parking provides the opportunity to earn money while “parking” your car at the airport for free. Oh, and you can also rent other TravelCars at your destination for a super steal and even add GPS and car seats for your little ones!

Perhaps something that sweetens the deal even more is TravelCar’s re-use of a existing cars, which means they’re also helping the planet and allowing us the ability to travel more eco-consciously. Become more aware of ways to travel more green and eco friendly is oh so our thing! Sound something up your alley too? Use our link and be sure to use the code DAME5 for a 5% discount! Happy exploring!


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