Understanding Your “Why” When It Comes To Traveling

Before any traveler sets foot on a new place, there are a lot of questions. Most of them start with “what,” “how” or “when.” When was the last time you asked yourself “why” you travel? Understanding your “why” – your purpose and intention for traveling is one of the most important things you can do before your next adventure.

Knowing your purpose for traveling gives you focus in all elements of your trip – from the destination itself, the activities you choose in your itinerary and the ways you choose to overcome struggles and reflection.

Understanding why you travel can seem vague at first, but the truth is… it all comes down to staying true to your personal goals and innate curiosities. Some travelers may find their “why” easily, while others might need some moments of intense reflection and questioning.

Find Your Purpose For Traveling Through These Questions

For those struggling to identify your purpose in traveling, ask yourself the following guiding questions. Remember, be honest and stay true to you. You may need some long moments or days of deep reflection. Take the time you need!

If your life were to end a year from today, what would you do with your time left on Earth?

What is the place that your heart has always longed to see? Why do you believe you love it so much?

What do you fear the most? What do you find the most joy in?

If you were to be the hero in your own life story, where would your setting be? Where would you go? What victories would you hold dear?

What culture do you find endlessly interesting? 

If you could go back to any time period and place, where would you go? 

Whatever your “why” is, remember this – always choose to travel with a purpose. Whether it’s to seek beauty, to learn from locals or seek a personal relationship with yourself through expansive, challenging experiences. There is no wrong purpose to have as long as it is true to you. 

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