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Can Solo Travel Help When You’re Stuck In A Rut?

Our life goes in phases. There are chapters filled with professional growth and personal triumph, and then there are those that feel like an absolute standstill. So, when you do find yourselves in the throws of confusion, unknowing, lost ebbs and flows of life… what’s a girl to do? We believe that solo travel help when you’re stuck in a rut, and here’s why!

Renewed Creativity

Creative ruts can feel like the biggest hurdle to jump, especially for those of that assign our personal identity and professional meaning to it. Without a doubt, a solo trip can be one amazing solution to this struggle because it is when we experience new lifestyles and gain insight on history and culture that our minds open to the grand possibility of this world. Seeing new colors, textures, historic scenes, flavors and art gives us new inspiration to pull from. Not to mention, time away from the hustle of creation can bring about time to ask ourselves the deeper questions about what we make.

Self-Care and Balance

In the swing of our daily routines, we can really disassociate from ourselves. Not being in touch with our inner dialogue, our desires, our dreams and our likes and dislikes can exacerbate our “rut” even further. While traveling solo, we are given the quiet time to ask ourselves the deeper, harder questions and gives us the necessary time to do exactly what we desire (and not for others!).

Think about it – when was the last time you spent an afternoon doing exactly what you wanted to do? Without errands, to-do lists and hours spent doing things for others? In a lot of ways, solo travel gives us the chance to practice self care in new, important ways. And as we all know, becoming more clearheaded  alleviates our inner struggles and ruts.

A Reminder Of Life’s Infinite Charm

Traveling can make any place feel like a fantasy world, but that can be a wonderful thing. Getting us to remember just how beautiful this world is during darker moments is incredibly important. Solo travel can remind travelers just how incredibly beautiful and life-giving our abundant world is. Finding ourselves swept away by the delicious colors and unending charming details of the world, appreciating the small things just as much as the big ones can bring about great realizations and clarity.

Break Free From Mental Traps

Being in the hum-drum of our everyday lives can create some serious mental “traps” to fall into. With no fresh ideas, places or renewed interest or curiosity in the world, it’s easy to find ourselves overthinking every detail of what’s got us caught up. It’s easy to forget how much of a microcosm we all are in. And that’s why breaking free into a whole new world of people, ideologies and daily rituals can be such a relief. So, break free from the mental chains you find yourself in – book that trip.

Goodbye Daily Grind

As mentioned above, daily grinds can be really a downer. Feeling stuck like a wheel in a cog is honestly the worst feelings in the world. Saying goodbye to your ritualized routines brings about so many new thoughts and new methodologies.

New Perspectives – Abandon Your “Echo Chamber”

Leaving behind the friends and family who have similar perspectives, ideologies and think too similarly gives us the opportunity to hear from people unlike ourselves. Escape your microcosm of friends and family! Seek new perspectives from people around the world and you’ll find that there’s no reason to feel inadequate, insufficient or uninspired.

Rebound – Vacations, Not Boyfriends

Believe it or not, a trip around the world can seriously re-train our mindsets on what we look for in a great partner. Getting in touch with ourselves, having “quiet time” to think about the hard stuff – all of these wonderful moments equate to a deeper connection with ourselves, and can, in turn allow us to rebound back from a recent setback.

Remember: Travel Is The One Expense That Will Give Back To You Endlessly

A new dress can be torn, a fancy car will eventually break down – but travel – travel creates memories that will last you forever.

We believe in the incredible experiences travel can bring to women who seek it out. Have you ever found yourself more enlightened and clearheaded after an amazing trip? We’d love to hear about it!

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