Two Feet Made For Travel: A Poem On The Inner Courage We All Have

Happy Monday, Dame Travelers! Sometimes, it can be hard to remember the inner strength and courage we have inside of us. To start your week off on the right foot, we’re sharing a poem focusing on the courage all of us hold. We often forget our own capability, our own courageousness and the bravery residing inside ourselves. Whether you’re feeling afraid or incapable of doing that solo trip of your dreams, or if you’re midway through a long journey… you have two feet made for travel.

You have two feet made for movement,
Made for journeying further, made for pushing you onward,
Made for propelling your body towards your ever-changing destination.

You have two eyes made for viewing sunsets over hillsides
Made for viewing dark nights that settle over the sparkling skyline,
And buzzing, bright city intersections,
Soaking in the colors and textures and days filled with more visceral memories a mind could hold.

You have one heart made for compassion,
And one mind made for curiosity,
And one lifetime you must fill chapters with.
You are the script writer, the artist, the author, the producer.
Yes, you are the captain.

You are not unworthy, you are not weak minded or weak spirited.
You are more than your title, your standing, your rank.
Abandon the expectations, the critic, the naysayer.
Reside in your strengths, find home in your heart,
Celebrate the inner, quiet light you kindle internally
Through the stories you create and will continue to create.
Find solace.

Know that you are capable and bold and courageous and compassionate.
You are curious and ready.
You are made for this.

Trust in
Your two feet,
Your two eyes,
One heart,
One mind,
And one lifetime.

We hope this poem starts your week off right, Dame Travelers. Sending love to you all – all around the world!

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