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Living & Traveling According To Your Core Values

It is not a surprise that travel, especially solo travel, can do wonders for self-esteem and provide a major confidence boost. We hear countless stories and endorsements of how empowering travel can be. What we may not also realize is that it can help to re-evaluate and emphasize our core values as well. When we know and practice our core values, this can also improve our self-esteem, confidence, and quality of life.

To first identify what our values are, I like to think that where we feel a strong passion, feel drawn to a certain area, action, or feeling time and time again, this is where we want to keep our focus. My guess is that if you are reading this, traveling is likely a strong passion for you – me too!

Within our passions, less obvious values (not actions or causes necessarily) may be hidden. Core values can include independence, success, wisdom, compassion, tolerance, and endless others. How we travel, where we travel, and why we travel can all be pathways to really understanding who we are.

We tend to utilize our values as guides to our decision making in everyday life. The things that are most important to us impact what kind of jobs we do, the kind of relationships we have, the way we interact with others, and our hobbies. Therefore, it’s not a stretch to assume we could be using our values to decide our travel plans.

If knowledge and wisdom are some of your strongest values, visit places that exercise your mind. If compassion and love some of your strongest values, find ways to give back when you travel or go with people who make you feel the most yourself. If spirituality is a value, find places and activities that allow you to feel connected to your beliefs. Allow yourself to notice what it is that is most exciting and rewarding for you, and follow it.

Ideally, we are finding ways to feel connected to our values in everyday life, not just while traveling. What makes considering your values unique in this scenario is that if travel is already something that inspires you, you may experience more an even more elevated level of growth, peace, contentment, and sense of wholeness. When we are doing this consistently, I believe we are less likely to feel anxious, intense levels of depression, less stress, and experience a higher quality of engagement and connection with others and the world around us.

Finding the most beautiful places to witness in person, meeting locals, engaging in their traditions, learning about their history, growing through adversity, and so many more opportunities can be exhilarating. When we are living in alignment with our values, it’s not hard to image that we are more likely to feel whole. And isn’t that what all this is about?

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