This Is How Travel Expands Your World (In More Ways Than One)

To travel is to grow. To travel is to learn. Travelers choose to explore far off lands for more reasons than one, but the greatest residual of all reasons is the great power to shape our world view. This is how travel expands your world.

Travel Lets You See Unity Amongst All People

People are just people, and that’s what makes them so worth loving.

The more travelers experience new lands and new cultures, the more they’ll tell you… people are more similar than they are different. Seeing the deeper connection all of us have to one another, regardless of borders and government, comes from immersive experiences meeting all kinds of people. We all desire the same things in life – love, nourishment, safety. We all are tempted by the same pitfalls – greed, rage, jealousy. Travel allows us to see the unity amongst all people. No matter our race, our gender, our societal norms, our government or anything else… people are just people. And all of us are worth learning from.

Travel Makes You Grateful

After days without our regular accutromants, routine and privacy, travel has a knack of making travelers appreciative of the small things they often overlooked. The little things that fill our days with luxury find their way into dreams when on the road. It’s true. Travel makes us grateful for many things… from a comfortable bed of our own to a democratic government. It’s natural to take things for granted when in the day to day hustle and bustle. But travel, thankfully, has a natural way of putting explorers in check.

Travel Opens Your Mind & Shuts Down Your Prejudice

If travel brings awareness to one thing, it’s the notion of just how beautifully diverse our world is.

Immersing ourselves in the complex fabric of our globe helps travelers become more open minded toward world views drastically different than their own. Empathy, patience, adaptable – all traits that come when we choose to become absorbed in lifestyles and traditions different than what we expect.

Even the most pre-conditioned thoughts come into question when we see with our very own eyes how different life can be for others unlike ourselves. Seeing for ourselves the tragedy and loss of war torn areas, learning about the complex history of religions unlike the ones we practice – these experiences have the ability to shut down our prejudices and pre-conceived notions. If we never travel, if we never truly immerse ourselves in parts of the world different than our own… we would never know how open we can truly be. Experiencing new parts of the world has the ability to expand our minds, because it truly lets us see the world with new eyes.

Travel Makes You Creative

Savoring the beauty in this world, seeing sunsets that no photograph could do justice, tasting meals no words bring justice to – these enriching experiences elevate our creative conception. The ability to recall luscious greens of the forest, the sound of Thailand’s southern beaches during a raging thunderstorm, the orange of Rome’s alleyways at sunset… these memories enhances our imaginative ability, which elevates our inherent creativity.

After a life changing trip, there always comes a natural desire to bring our experiences into life again. Words, photographs, paintings, poetry are all mediums we might find ourselves resorting to to somehow reignite the inspiration and love we have for our time exploring. Sharing our experiences through creativity comes naturally to a traveler.

Travel has the amazing ability to change our perspectives on just about anything. It shapes our worldview, allows us to self reflect and gives us a sense of appreciation for all the beauty this world can hold. This is how travel expands your world.


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