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Think Small: Why Include Tiny Towns In Your Travel Itineraries

When creating travel itineraries, it can seem overwhelming to fit everything you’ve dreamed of in a short amount of time. Most destinations on our bucket lists are the world’s largest cities – Paris, Rome, Tokyo. But… what if our mindset shifted? What if we chose to include the smaller, quainter towns overlooked by guidebooks and Instagram posts? Today, we’re thinking small! Here are three simple reasons we’re huge fans of including tiny towns in our travel itineraries.

A Real Taste Of Life

Choosing to spend a few days exploring the quiet streets of a small town gives travelers a more holistic look at life for the locals living there.

It’s true. Spend a morning sipping coffee in a cafe in a tiny town will show you a true slice of life. You’ll see the local banter shared between friends and comrades. Spend an evening getting lost in the weaving alleys of a little city and you’ll see a true glimpse at what “a day in the life” would really be like to live there. Eat at a family owned restaurant flooded with families and neighbors and you’ll taste the flavors well loved and cooked with intentional care.

For travelers looking to get a real taste of what a place really is comprised of – think small!

A Pause From The Maddening Crowds

After days (or weeks! or months!) of serious back and forth between major airports, public transportation and flooded tourist sights – visiting a tiny town is a welcomed reprieve. Finally… room to breathe, fresh air, being surrounded by real locals, not bus loads of tourists.

A Way To Support Locals

By including more small towns in travel itineraries, travelers are given a unique opportunity to support small business owners and family owned businesses. Certainly these establishments exist in larger cities. But, being able to give back to the makers, artists, inn owners, restaurants and more in areas that don’t rely on tourist income is a huge boost. Think small – give back in a big way!

For Dame Travelers looking for the cutest, quaintest tiny towns to put on their itinerary… check it this post on Asolo, Italy (a true gem!), Sicily, Alsace, France, and more.

We hope you consider incorporating small, overlooked towns around the world in your travel itineraries! 

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