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Things You Should Always Do Before Packing For A Trip

T-minus 3 days until takeoff! I love countdowns like this. The days leading up to an adventure of a lifetime are some of the most precious… but they also happen to be some of the most hectic and stressful. Whether you’re a last minute packer or a type A organizer – here are some important things you should always do before packing for a trip! 

Consider The Ratio Of Activities You’ll Be Doing

Make a list of all the activities and events you’ll be taking part in during your trip. Go day by day and write it all out. From there, you can see what are the repeated activities you’ll be doing. 

I love being able to see what a majority of my time will be doing, that way I know what to specifically pack for. For example, if I know that 80% of my days will be spent hiking in the outdoors, I won’t load up my suitcases with casual dresses and flip flops. On the other hand, I’ll know that most of my suitcase should be filled with appropriate hiking outerwear. 

Once you have your ratio sorted, creating an appropriately filled suitcase is easier to approach. No more unnecessary outfits! 

Check The Weather

A seemingly obvious step of the process – but one that should never be forgotten! Check the forecast as close as possible to your departure to make sure that you’re up to date on what to expect. Don’t overlook the humidity percentage, either – that could make or break what type of fabrics or layering pieces are needed! 

Create A Color Scheme

Packing clothes that all match seamlessly is one foolproof way to get more bang from your buck! It doesn’t have to be complicated, sometimes easy neutrals are the easiest bet. For example, having greys and blacks tops and pants packed means that you can pair these pieces with more trendy items. The less stress involved in creating cool and comfortable outfits, the better! You can read more about this packing trick (especially for long term trips) here!

Be Mindful Of Customs

As always, do your research and find out what the locals wear. It’s incredible important. Not only does dressing with local traditions and cultural customs in mind show respect… but it also ensures that you aren’t targeted as a tourist. 

Prep Your Flight Outfit & Minimize Your Bulky Items

My best secret – prepping a flight outfit that encompasses bigger, bulkier items! Wearing your boots or sneakers, a jacket and a hat may not be the easiest shoes to pop on and off at security, but it does make your suitcase lighter and freed up for more clothing! 

What are some of the steps you always do before packing for a trip? P.S. check out our guides to packing the perfect suitcase (specifically for different destinations) here!

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Themed Itineraries – A New Twist On Planning Your Ultimate Vacation

We all have passions. From art to reading, stargazing to mountain climbing, movie-going to photography, working out to cooking… there are so many interests a woman can have! And, of course, we all have our absolute favorite movies, books and artists. But have you ever considered centering your adventures around the hobbies and stories you love? Say hello to themed itineraries – the new twist on planning your next trip!

Why Plan A Themed Trip

Simply put – because your interests worth investing in. Our passions, side projects, and off beat curiosities aren’t meant to be stowed away or kept seperate from the lives we lead out there in the world. Dig deep!

Not only will basing your itinerary around something you truly love add so much more meaning to your trip, but it also will propel you forward once you’re home again.

​​​​​​​Plus – How many artists can say that they’ve seen Van Gogh’s gardens first hand? How many writers can say that they’ve explored their novel’s setting in real life to get the true details of a place? How many tea lovers can say that they truly understand the process of sourcing tea leaves in the fields of Vietnam or Japan? You get what we’re saying. Deep memories and intimate experiences with your passions makes you push further into your dreams and passions.

Theme Inspiration

Stumped on how to create a theme for your trip? We’ve got you covered. First, stay true to you! What do you love to do as a hobby? Are you a yoga fanatic, a lover of a book/movie series or novice photographer? Dig into your curiosities. Is there an artist you admire? Why not visit their home country or tour their home? All it takes is an open mind and a willingness to embrace all the quirks and passions you hold dear!

Here are some of our favorite themed itinerary ideas:

  • Ancestry Trip – Visit your ancestors’ towns and retrace their steps
  • Harry Potter Trip / Lord Of The Rings Trip / Game Of Thrones Trip – Explore the filming locations of your favorite fantasy novel (like Scotland, England, New Zealand, Croatia, and more)
  • Coffee / Tea / Whiskey / Beer Lovers Trip – We all have a drink of choice. Why not really learn the ins and outs of the process of making it? Research the best cities in the world to try coffee, or tour a country’s best and brightest breweries, wineries and distilleries.
  • Movie Inspired Trip – Got a favorite movie? Go see its setting in person!
  • Writers Retreat – Take the time to really dig deep into your love for writing while exploring a really peaceful place… or choose to explore a country in the aims of experiencing your novel’s setting first-hand!
  • Photography Workshop – Invest in your love for photos and your up your photography game (… we host these by the way!)
  • Pasta / Pizza / Ramen / Sushi / Your Fave Food Trip – Really embrace your love for your favorite food by attempting to find its absolute best… or learn how to make it yourself by the masters!
  • Van Gogh Trip (or another favorite artist) -Research your favorite artists home country, visit their museums (like Rembrandt’s home in Amsterdam or Van Gogh’s gardens in Arles) or see their masterpieces in person.
  • Yoga / Meditation Retreat – Get your zen on while exploring a new part of the world. There are so many amazing yoga retreats out there! Meet other yogis in an incredible setting.

Have you ever planned a themed itinerary or include specific days of your adventures around a topic, hobby or story? We’d love to know what you did!

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Think Small: Why Include Tiny Towns In Your Travel Itineraries

When creating travel itineraries, it can seem overwhelming to fit everything you’ve dreamed of in a short amount of time. Most destinations on our bucket lists are the world’s largest cities – Paris, Rome, Tokyo. But… what if our mindset shifted? What if we chose to include the smaller, quainter towns overlooked by guidebooks and Instagram posts? Today, we’re thinking small! Here are three simple reasons we’re huge fans of including tiny towns in our travel itineraries.

A Real Taste Of Life

Choosing to spend a few days exploring the quiet streets of a small town gives travelers a more holistic look at life for the locals living there.

It’s true. Spend a morning sipping coffee in a cafe in a tiny town will show you a true slice of life. You’ll see the local banter shared between friends and comrades. Spend an evening getting lost in the weaving alleys of a little city and you’ll see a true glimpse at what “a day in the life” would really be like to live there. Eat at a family owned restaurant flooded with families and neighbors and you’ll taste the flavors well loved and cooked with intentional care.

For travelers looking to get a real taste of what a place really is comprised of – think small!

A Pause From The Maddening Crowds

After days (or weeks! or months!) of serious back and forth between major airports, public transportation and flooded tourist sights – visiting a tiny town is a welcomed reprieve. Finally… room to breathe, fresh air, being surrounded by real locals, not bus loads of tourists.

A Way To Support Locals

By including more small towns in travel itineraries, travelers are given a unique opportunity to support small business owners and family owned businesses. Certainly these establishments exist in larger cities. But, being able to give back to the makers, artists, inn owners, restaurants and more in areas that don’t rely on tourist income is a huge boost. Think small – give back in a big way!

For Dame Travelers looking for the cutest, quaintest tiny towns to put on their itinerary… check it this post on Asolo, Italy (a true gem!), Sicily, Alsace, France, and more.

We hope you consider incorporating small, overlooked towns around the world in your travel itineraries!