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These “Honeymoon Destinations” Are Actually Perfect For Solo Travelers

Newlyweds have their go-to romantic destinations they dream of exploring together… but who said those places are reserved for couples only? Today, we’re spotlighting some famous “honeymoon destinations” that are actually perfect for solo travelers!

Greek Islands

Embrace those sunset dreams of Mykonos and Santorini! Sure the Greek Islands are a romantic destination most newlyweds dream of visiting… but it’s actually perfect for a solo traveler too! Imagine it. Days spent exploring the coasts, dipping into cold, refreshing, blue waters of the Adriatic, eating local cuisine, sipping wine. Don’t forget to explore the smaller, underrated islands! You’ll be able to get an authentic look at Greece’s island culture while avoiding the hustle of tourist packed downtowns!

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is just one of those classic honeymoon destinations that are well loved for good reason. The town is laid back, the resorts are incredible, the downtown area is bustling with adorable shops and enough delicious eateries to keep even the biggest foodies feeling overwhelmed. It’s also an incredible spot for solo travelers to kick back, relax and enjoy. It’s well connected to many other famous beaches, Mayan ruins and well, it’s just plain beautiful! Whether you’re exploring Tulum alone or accompanied, you’ll need to get your cameras ready and be sure to explore some of its most picturesque spots. Tulum is seriously a charmer!

Kauai, Hawaii

The Hawaiian islands are just classic when it comes to classic dream vacations. But why argue against that?! Kauai, sort of the wildest island of Hawaii, is a perfect mix of tropical island, wildlife, incredible laid back beach culture and beautiful swaying palms. It’s an incredibly safe place for a solo traveler too! Most locals embrace hitchhiking culture and are incredibly friendly. Kauai just might be paradise on earth!


Many newlywed like to think outside the box when it comes to planning their honeymoon destination. Instead of opting for the classic resort vacation, lots of couples are leaning into the more adventurous side of life. Iceland is a treat for the outdoor enthusiast. And it’s an incredible spot for the solo traveler to get in touch with wild nature, the elements and Scandinavian history and culture. Rent a van, tent in the wild, wake up to plunging waterfalls, brisk mornings, midnight suns and friendly next door puffins. Iceland’s natural beauty will have you awestruck.

Patagonia, Argentina

Another adventurous honeymoon destination that’s literally perfect for the solo traveler – Patagonia! The mountainous region that splits Argentina and Chile will challenge you with its awesome hikes to its pinnacles and leave you breathless with its arid steppes, grasslands, deserts, glacial fjords and rainforests. It’s the trip lifetime to see this place in person! Solo travelers will love the group tours that often explore this region. It’s a great way to meet others while on the road while also experiencing one of the world’s most astounding natural sights.

Dublin, Ireland

Ireland is a charming choice for honeymooners! But it’s also a fantastic destination for solo travelers too. Find yourself tucked into a bustling little pub to enjoy a pint of Guinness, get to know the locals, enjoy live music on every street corner, delight in Irish stews and classic dishes. Dublin is a whirlwind of pure joy! It’s also a great starting point for other adventures on the isle, so look into day trips or multi-day explorations of other parts of beautiful Ireland!

Amalfi Coast, Italy

We have a love affair with the Amalfi Coast here at Dame Traveler. It’s an incredibly romantic destination… that’s for sure. With its lush greenery, the hill topped villas covered in ivy, epic sunsets and delicious food and wine – why wouldn’t someone in love choose to explore Amalfi? But! We also happen to think that Amalfi is perfect for solo travelers too. Why? Well, it’s small enough to really get to know the local towns in and out, but it’s also incredibly well connected to other coastal towns via train and boat. Enjoy the most delicious meals of your life after spending long days exploring the quaint, pastel hued alleys of every little town along the coast.

Koh Samui, Thailand

The swaying palms, the clearest waters, the quiet, laid back coast of Thailand. Yeah, doesn’t that sound like paradise? That’s because Koh Samui basically is. As opposed to the party-central Ko Pha-ngan or Phuket, Koh Samui is a little more friendly, chilled and just… beautiful. Solo travelers will learn why it’s the perfect location after they spend one day exploring the island. Koh SamuiKoh Samui.

New Zealand

Another adventurous choice newlyweds select as their honeymoon destination (for good reason!) is New Zealand. Pack up your car, hit the road, spend hours hiking the peaks of the northern and southern islands, sip some of the best wine from local wineries, disconnect from the world and reconnect with nature for a bit. New Zealand is incredible. Solo travelers will love to pack their itineraries with everything this country has to offer.

Kyoto, Japan

The quiet, zen districts of Kyoto are unlike any place in the world. Which is why solo travelers and honeymooners alike will adore exploring this city. Spend your days learning the ancient history of the Gion district, hike through the epic bamboo forests and Shinto shrines, walk the Philosopher’s Path after stopping for a tea ceremony. Kyoto is a feast for the senses.

Whether you’re exploring this world with a partner by your side, or bravely exploring it alone… we hope you embrace the possibilities of all destinations out there in the world. There’s no restrictions when it comes to planning your travels!

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