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Greece Photo Diary: Sunset Dreams

Greece Photo Diary

Greece Photo Diary

During my three weeks spent island hopping the Greek Islands, I found out that Greece is a lot more than just blue domed chapels and white washed buildings. Each island is unique and beautiful in a different way and I’ve collected so many favorite moments here.

I loved climbing up to reach the church from the Chora village in Ios to watch the sunset, waking up in time for sunrise with the smell of freshly made croissants to watch the sun slowly showing on the caldera in Santorini, and exploring around Milos to find the hidden crystal clear water swim spots.

Here’s a collection of my favourite spots on the islands and a little something on each location:


Greece Photo DiaryGreece Photo Diary

Ios is a true gem. The colors, the views, and the beaches around the island are mesmerising and can’t wait to go back to experience it all over again. There were a lot of moments chasing the golden hour here, but there is no such thing as too many sunsets, especially in Greece. Make sure to walk all the way up to the church in the Chora village for the best sunset views on the island.

Greece Photo DiaryGreece Photo DiaryGreece Photo Diary


Greece Photo Diary

The most iconic and crowded of the Greek Islands. Santorini is a lot bigger than what I previously thought and has so much to offer. Wake up early to beat the crowds and don’t be afraid to venture down the little paths that lead to the many luxury hotels scattered around the island. The best views are found here. A must-do is the walk from Fira to Oia, passing through the Imerovigli to climb Skaros Rock.

Greece Photo DiaryGreece Photo DiaryGreece Photo DiaryGreece Photo DiaryGreece Photo DiaryGreece Photo Diary



Greece Photo Diary

Milos is the island of the adventure and the best way to experience its incredible landscape is by driving around. White volcanic rock and crystal clear waters are what make this island so magical. Visit the cute little village of Plaka and climb to the Venetian castle when the golden hour hits and soak in the moonscape of Sarakiniko beach.

Greece Photo DiaryGreece Photo DiaryGreece Photo DiaryGreece Photo DiaryGreece Photo Diary

Hope you enjoyed this Greece photo diary!



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