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Insider Guide to Western Austria by Seasons

I moved away from home at a very young age due to education. As I have just recently graduated High School I returned back home and I was astonished at how I saw this place with such different eyes. I decided to explore Austria once more and take you along on that journey before I finally start traveling the world full-time.

Here is only a glimpse of the beauty that Austria has to offer. Come visit and see for yourself.

What I love most about my home country are the four seasons. Depending on which season you are visiting Austria – you can do and explore different things.

Autumn/ Spring

In Autumn (Sept. – Nov.) and Spring (Mar. – June) you can hike on the famous mountains Austria is known for. You can’t visit Austria without experiencing a sunrise on top of a mountain. There is something special and rewarding to watch the first sun rays flooding the mountains and valleys in orange light. Try to start hiking at night so you can make sure you reach the peak right before sunrise. You can even do the hike the day before and sleep up there beneath the stars. You may also find one of those many little lakes on your way.


In Winter you can go skiing or tobogganing on the snow toped mountain. If you don’t want to hit the slopes yourself you can watch professional ski races, for which Austria is most known for. I also love to just take long walks in the snowy forests or drive around and explore new viewpoints. Anyway make sure to bring along warm clothing. It can get pretty cold during Winter (Nov.-March).


My favorite time of the year is still the sunny, warm Summer (June-Sept.). I basically spend all summer on or around the Lake of Constance. If you are in the western part of Austria make sure to stop there for some days. There is so much to do and explore. You can go out on the lake for a sail, a surf session or just to watch the sunset from a canoe. I can also recommend to rent a bicycle and cycle around the lake (or parts of it). Run through cornfields or just visit the small little towns right at the shore. Fun fact the lake is in the middle of Austria, Switzerland and Germany. So when you are cycling around it you visit all three countries.  





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  • aresrgv October 6, 2017 at 7:13 am

    Thank you for information.

  • Pippa October 15, 2017 at 11:40 pm

    Stunning photos Hanna! They portray Austria beautifully – I actually had no idea about Lake Constance, but it looks like the best spot for summer!

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