How Instagram Is Changing The Travel Game

The modern traveler uses many online resources to curate the absolute best itinerary for themselves. Where are most getting their inspiration from? Easy. Instagram. Clearly, with over 1 billion Insta users and 3.5 million uses of #dametraveler, we have a need and desire for travel imagery. And that, in turn, in influencing how we travel. Yes, it’s true… Instagram is changing the travel game.

The overwhelming amount of photographs being shared on the web has changed how we digest information. We’re more visually stimulated now more than ever. And, in turn, travelers are making their choices based on photographs they’ve seen on their favorite social media platform – Instagram.

What’s even more futuristic about Instagram’s influence on the tourism industry? Because of the app, we’re only a few clicks away from seeing a picture and then booking tickets to see that place. Think about it! Gone are the days of paper maps and compass-driven exploration. And instead, we turn to Instagram to get in-time advice and inspiration. Find a destination using its location or hashtag, find the tourism page, click their link in bio, book your tickets.

Instagram’s influence on the travel industry is evident. The world becomes slightly smaller and more manageable to traipse through. It’s an amazing thing. Because of this little tiny app, careers have been made out of adventuring full-time. Influencers are able to share destinations, hotels, restaurants and experiences that they love. Viewers can see first-hand beautiful destinations they’d never heard or seen before.

“Instagrammable” Destinations

Having their finger on the pulse of what’s popular, more and more companies are creating their spaces on what they deem “Instagrammable.” It’s a smart tactic. Users find spaces beautiful, they share it on the ‘gram and the rest is history!

With new spaces created with photographs in mind like The Museum Of Ice Cream and 29 Rooms popping up regularly and often, it’s clear – creating the most “Instagrammable” location and experience for travelers is a total win-win for companies.

When an image resonates with tourists, they flock to it. In turn, once-hidden gems have become Instagram-famous… and some have become quite the spectacle! The dark side, of course, is overcrowding of local haunts, environmental damage, and dangerous behavior can follow.


Is There A Dark Side Of Instagram Tourism?

It’s important to know one thing about the beautiful destinations we see shared on social media. It is heavily influencing how we see the world. And sometimes (not always!) it’s an unrealistic portrayal. Instagram is guilty, just as all other apps, of creating an impractical picture of destinations. For example, from the undiscerning eye, you might expect to see the Trevi Fountain completely empty at any point of the day!

It’s the nature of the beast, isn’t it? Influencers are paid to create beautiful imagery around the world. Their paycheck comes from the magical photos they create of destinations far and wide. What “sells” is perfected images. So, of course the images you find yourself double tapping are clean cut, dreamy photographs!

Managing expectations is a huge need for the average Instagram traveler. It’s important to keep a realistic viewpoint on what to expect on your adventures, no matter what Instagram images tell you.

We, here at Dame Traveler have a clear stance on our relationship with Instagram and travel. We believe our curated collection of stories from the road and illustrative, empower women to travel the world with every snapshot shared. Our mission is not to portray an unimaginable fantasy, but to tell real life stories of female travelers who made their dreams a reality and the tales they’ve collected along the way. 

We think that Instagram photos we share makes the world seem attainable to the woman viewing it. We want you to feel like you can see the world, just like the adventurous women tagged in the photo.

Understanding Instagram’s Influence In Real Life Travel

Some final thoughts. It’s important to travel for your desires, but it’s even more important to be in touch with your impact on the destinations you traipse. Make itinerary decisions wisely and with care. Share your own experience instead of recreating others. Beauty is found in every corner of this earth. Find your own little haven that hasn’t been shared! Should you decide to go to an Instagram-famous destination, manage your expectations and be mindful of how your visit influences the space.

What are your thoughts on Instagram’s influence on travel? Do you think that Instagram is changing the travel game? We’d love to discuss this point further!

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