Overcoming 3 Major Obstacles to Traveling the World

A privilege traditionally enjoyed by British noblemen; the grand tour is cited as the first known instance of leisurely multi-country travel. These noblemen were really the backpackers of their day. However, the grand tour was largely inaccessible to the lower and middle classes, due to rigid societal barriers. Today, travel has become democratized, and anyone can hop on a plane to explore far-off lands. However, while many people still dream of exploring the world, few people actually make it a reality. Unfortunately, there are still obstacles you need to overcome in order to go globetrotting. Fear not as these hurdles are easily cleared – you just need a bit of determination to get on your way.

Money, Money, Money!

No matter how much you rough it, embarking on a world round trip is not cheap. You need to be able to cover the costs of food, transportation, shelter, and visas. These expenses can pile up quickly, so you need to make sure your bank account is prepared. If you want to travel the world, the best thing you can do is get serious about your finances. In the months leading up to your departure, you need to be saving as much as possible. This requires determination, as it will mean forgoing a few luxuries. To make the most of your adventure, it might be worth taking out a personal loan. A loan can provide you with the money you need for flights and accommodation, and you can begin to pay it back once you return to the real world. Most lenders give flexible repayment terms and you can get low interest rates too. Time is precious when travelling so do it while you are young and able.

Language Barriers

The world is vast, and it has so much diversity to offer. You will encounter people and cultures that will make you question everything. Experiencing new cultures is one of the best ways to be a better traveler and it is a fantastic way to build confidence and expand your horizons. That said, the issue of dealing with a language barrier may be weighing on you. Being unable to communicate with others is a daunting prospect, especially when you are far from home. Try and prepare yourself for each country you plan to visit by learning some basic phrases in the native tongue. You don’t need to be a master at every different language; luckily many local tourist hubs have large numbers of English speakers, so you’ll never be stuck.

Fear of Loneliness

Travel solo and you will find out who you really are. It’s an amazing soul searching journey but going solo can have advantages and disadvantages, primarily homesickness and loneliness. Unfortunately, homesickness cannot be avoided; it’s a natural human reaction but it does pass. Solo travel is becoming increasingly popular and there are always people there if you’d like to make friends. Hostels and guesthouses are the best places to stay if you’d like to get to know other people. After a few months of exploring, you will have friends in all four corners of the earth, and those feelings of loneliness will be a

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