Pack Perfect Travel Planning

How to Be Prepare for Stress Free Travel

What are the best travel hacks?

Although spontaneity is important when traveling, it is a good idea to plan out transportation and accommodations well in advance. You will save money and enjoy the amenities that are the most important to you. There are a few hacks you can employ for a stress-free trip.

Make Your Carry-On Bag Your Only Bag

Unless you’re  planning a camping trip, it’s always wise to pack as lightly as possible. Airlines often charge extra if you have a suitcase that will not fit under your seat in the overhead bin and they’re notorious for losing luggage. It can take them days to deliver a missing suitcase to you after they have lost it.

I usually lay my clothes flat to create more room but you can always use the folding method as well.. Our favorite carry-on is the Paravel Aviator Carry-on Hardshell Suitcase. It’s not only chic and stands out among the rest, it also fits a ton.

Download Your Airline’s App

Downloading your airline’s app saves so much time and energy. You have your ticket available electronically so you don’t have to worry about losing or keeping track of a paper ticket and you can choose / change your seat in advance, as well as receive delay updates and more. Some apps even have a luggage tracker in case you do have to check in your bag.

Buy Tickets to Major Attractions in Advance

Have you always wanted to experience Alcatraz? Is there a Broadway show that you have been dying to see? If so, you should buy your tickets online several weeks in advance. It will save you time, money, and the disappointment of not getting a ticket. You can always enjoy things like restaurants and museums on a whim.

Stay in a Luxury Rental Property

Nothing can ruin a vacation faster than a sub-par hotel. and home sharing services tend to be very hit or miss when it comes to quality.

A company devoted to renting luxury corporate apartments to travelers, such as Stafford Housing are tailored in the unique needs of all types of travelers.

Instead of a small room, you will get a full apartment with a kitchen and living area. It is always nice to be able to enjoy a home-cooked meal or two when you are on vacation.

Buy a Portable Charger

You’re most likely spending more time on the go when you’re traveling than when you’re at home and are probably relying on Google Maps to try to get around since maps are a thing of a past so a portable charger definitely comes in handy in this case. The last thing you want to happen when you’re traveling is to be lost in a foreign city where you don’t speak the language!

Relax with CBD

Nothing puts our minds at ease better than a CBD gummie. We love taking one before heading off to the airport, it takes the edge off in a natural and safe way. If you’re wondering which brand is the best, we recommend the all natural, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free Hemp organically grown by licensed farmers in the US, Kind Urth brand which Zero THC (will not make you “high”).

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