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Forecasting Travel Trends: 5 Types Of Trips We’re Expecting To Boom In 2019

It’s an incredibly interesting time to be a traveler. There used to be a time in which travels meant solely a week-long vacation, which was most likely booked via a tour company or travel planner. In our modern world, travel seems to become more and more specific and niche each year. So, looking ahead… what can a Dame Traveler expect to see popping up? We took some time to forecast travel trends for the upcoming year. Here’s five types of trips we’re expecting to see boom in the travel industry in 2019.

“Disconnected” Trips

In our social media flooded society, we’re forecasting more travel trips focused on “disconnecting” from the digital world. We’re so inspired to see that AFAR Magazine is launching their own digital detox campaign. Although the pledge is simple enough – commit to taking a trip this year and promise not to use your phone or computer – we wouldn’t be surprised to see more travel companies and hotels follow suit. More and more retreats are centered around finding more mindfulness and presence, so we’re forecasting more hotels and lodgings to have digital “off hours” or not allow them at all. Tourism groups might be offering more travel unplugged/phone free activities in the outdoors and beyond.

Do you think this type of trip is possible in our modern world? With Apple’s recent focus on striking a healthier balance between tech and “real life,” we venture to say yes!

Instagram-Centered Trips

On the other end of the spectrum, we’re seeing more and more trip itineraries centered around “Instagrammable” spots and sights. In our modern world, travelers know that having some fantastic photos to share means everything. We wouldn’t be shocked to see tourism agencies start to incorporate specific vistas and Insta-famous scenes and sights into big trips. Giving tourists more bang for their buck is a genius marketing move, but what does this mean for us travelers? Well, expect those gorgeous spots to be more flooded with selfie-sticks and tourists. It might be time for travelers to find more hidden gem locations to explore!

Sidetone: we think it would be genius for Instagram to incorporate a Google-Maps type of element to the app. Meaning, travelers can save their bucket list tagged locations on a digital map. That way, travelers who use Instagram for travel itinerary guidance can easily access their “off the beaten path” finds.

What do you think? Focusing trips on a photographic outcome is a highly controversial type of trip, don’t you think?

Female Centered Tours

We’re biased, but with the rising amount of female travelers out there… we’re counting this one as an absolute WIN. In 2019, we’re expecting to see female centered tours take a huge upswing. Expect to see everything from female-created tourism companies to retreats, hikes, meet ups and itineraries centered around empowering women of the past. Who runs the world- GIRLS!

Artist & Influencer Lead Retreats

This is something we’re already taking part in! Artist and influencer-lead retreats have already taken over the travel industry this past year… but we’re not counting them out in 2019. It goes without surprise that influencers and inspiring creators have lead many viewers and followers to buy in brands and art work they never were exposed to before. These creators are now tapping into the travel industry. You can expect to see many more itineraries and schedules that influencers and artists feel specifically inspired by. These niche and specific trips are centered around their specific audience. A total win-win for both them and the traveler, don’t you think?

Will you be taking part in any of these travel trends? Do any of them sound right up your alley? Or is there a travel trend you’d love to see gain traction? Comment below… we’d love to know! 

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  • Joya Anthony June 29, 2018 at 3:25 pm

    I recently went on a women’s yoga retreat in Sonoma, California so women-focused and a disconnect from social media were definitely the focus here!

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