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Discover the Best Things to Do Near Birmingham Airport in One Day

Being renowned as the ”Second City” of the United Kingdom, it’s not surprising the Birmingham is a diverse and thriving city, with a bold multicultural background and stunning architecture. A true vibrant and dynamic metropolis.
The poles of attraction for someone to visit or move, vary in between crowded shopping streets offering elegant choices and world-class cultural institutions. 

The airport is an important transportation hub for both domestic and international travelers and makes for a great stopover where you can spend the long layover in the city of Birmingham. Explore the available options of inexpensive Birmingham airport hotels on


Some things to do in Birmingham:

Castle Bromwich Historic Gardens 

 A real hidden gem! Gardens designed in the formal English Baroque style that remains unchanged from the early 18th century, creating harmonious spaces and beautiful vistas, hosting different sections with unique features  (e.g. rose garden, vegetable garden et.c.) and providing at the same time an insight into the historical significance of gardens.
Add a final touch to your relaxing experience, by enjoying a piece of homemade cake accompanied with a unique refreshment, at the on-site tearoom.

The Canal House

Grab lunch and/or a beer at this historic bar and restaurant in the city center. It’s super cozy and sometimes they have live music!

The mill from 1542 

 A charming and historic watermill, firstly constructed in 1542, even though today’s building is dated back to 1850s. A distinctive silhouette in the overall scenery of the area, due to its chimney, gives visitors the chance to revive the past through learning about the traditional milling process. 

 Although, this is not the reason that Sarehole Mill, as called, is considered a living museum. The place is also considered literally and culturally significant, as its idyllic surroundings had an inspirational impact to the renown author J.R.R. Tolkien, for some fictional landscapes of the “Lord of the Rings” and the “Hobbit”. 

The Birmingham Library

Check out one of the largest public libraries in the world!

The Chocolate Factory 

 There are some things in life, that no matter what our age is, we’ll never be too old for them. Adventure and any kind of thematic parks, are a very representative example. 

We all remember the feelings created when “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” film was released, 18 years ago, wishing of being able to have such an experience. 

One of the world’s most beloved chocolate manufacture, Cadbury, created every chocolate lover’s paradise; Cadbury World. A journey through the history of chocolate covered by irresistible aromas and delectable treats offered on-spot by skilled crafters. 

Hare and Hounds King’s Heath

Complete your daily experience with a traditional vibe, in a cosy pub with wooden furnishings, exposed brick walls, and warm lighting.
What make the place special is the harmonic combination of the typical British pub offering a great range of beers, with being a distinct music stage hosting live shows of various genres by up-coming or renown performers.            

The Rotunda

Check out the Rotunda’s beautiful modern architecture.


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