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I am a UCLA-trained writer, social media expert, and bon vivant. A lover of all things spontaneous, I have a fervent passion for travel, culture, philanthropy and technology, and I have lived, sometimes on a whim, in Sydney, Barcelona, and Rio de Janeiro; although, I was born in the City of Angels.

Cyprus @StephBeTravel @TravelBreak

After trading a “dream” corporate career for a one-way ticket, I worked remotely as a freelance copywriter; and business development and marketing strategist. Thirty-one countries later, I created TRAVELBREAK. The world is my office! I am a regular contributor to Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, Elite Daily, Thrillist, and I have been featured in Forbes and the International Business Times. But really, aside from my new found glory as a “professional” traveler; I’m just a woman making my dreams into goals.

Although a personal blog, TRAVELBREAK connects journalists, photographers, brands, destinations, technologies, and philanthropies to multi-media.

We think outside the box. The world is round anyways.
Launched in July 2014, I somehow managed over 100k subscribers in my first six months of blogging.

For the workaholics, addicted to creativity, people and compassion, the epiphany has been realized: travel is not a “break from life,” it is, in its essence, a “break of life.”

And if you seek truth, kinships, and curiosity; if you crave more than a “break” from your vacation; if you travel for purposeful, meaningful, wandering…

We are #TravelBreak.

Ayutthaya, Thailand by @StephBeTravel @TravelBreak
When did you fall in love with travel?”

It was freshmen year of uni. “Would you want to come to study abroad in Barcelona for the summer?” Without hesitation, I packed up my bags, I traded thirty-page papers and fraternal shenanigans for sangria sensations. What a ball! Will Smith obviously hadn’t been to Barcelona when he wrote “Welcome to Miami.”!

My first time living abroad changed my perspective in its entirely, but it was only a decimal in the vagabond lifestyle it would lead up to.

I studied abroad again in Rio, then bought a one way ticket to Sydney after graduation.

We know this is a tough question but where is your favorite place in the whole wide world?
That’s the worst question.

For luxury travel: Abu Dhabi
For expat life: Sydney — Actually anywhere in Australia for anything.
For networking: New York

New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam, Rio, Ireland, Croatia, Turkey, Cyprus, Budapest, Amsterdam, and obviously all things Spain and Italy — those all tie for top 3. I don’t write about every destination because I’ve been too many places, and “Things to Do” posts bore me. But you can catch my photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook 🙂

Aspen, Colorado, USA @StephBeTravel @TravelBreak by @MichaelHodson
What are some ways in which you help yourself make time for and generate funds for traveling?

Re-evaluate your lifestyle. They say “travel is the only thing you buy that actually makes you richer,” so re-direct your investment. After all, traveling is just that – an investment in bettering yourself. Be organized. Make Sacrifices. Take risks.

What inspires you most when you travel?
People. I’m fascinated by how we can connect with unfamiliar faces. Reality is that people will hurt us (and we hurt people); but no matter how much destruction and pain there is in the world, it is people — those at home whom we trust — those that are there for us whom we’ve never met (cheers to social media) — and those that are passing by, only temporarily in our life, but forever in our memory.

Where have you traveled to thus far?
I am at thirty countries and counting, and I prefer slow travel; so more than decent destinations in the U.S., South America, Asia, Australia/ New Zealand, and Europe. I’m doing another big world trip this spring – fall, so hopefully I can up that number! Stay tuned on Instagram and Facebook!

If you could pick up and go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

1,2,3 quick!
I’ve been dying to spend some proper time in Africa and will one day capture Antarctica. But do you know what I’ve really been craving? Salsa dancing or some form of Afro-Cuban or Caribbean hip swaying. I used to dance, and I miss it. Take me somewhere with savory food, strong drinks, and rhythmic music. I want to let loose on a beach or jungle!

How has a life of travel changed you?
Wow. I think I’m a more complete person after expat life. Travel has also taught me seven things about dating, or rather the truth about why we are single. It’s taught me how to unplug from technology; to work, drink, and never settle; it’s taught me things I’ll teach my children; to be grateful; to treat myself; and that sometimes we, as people, are each other’s oasis. Travel has taught me the key differences between dreamers and doers. There is an element of survival, of conquering that accompanies free-lancing, budgeting, and exploring. I almost want to say that travel didn’t just help me find myself, it helps me be a better version of myself.

What is your travel style?
Like many millennials, I’m the everything traveler. I travel for crazy fun, to relax, for the outdoor adventures, and for work. I have stayed at seven star hotels, and likewise tried couch surfing. I’ve worked abroad as an expat, as a professional traveler, and studied abroad. I just want to travel and see my family and friends in between.

Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey @StephBeTravel, @TravelBreak by @LaurieSatran
What inspires you most about this beautiful, complex world we live in?

It’s still people. I love the outdoors and I love food. I love rooftops where I can overlook the city; and I’m up for any adrenaline kick — shark diving, base jumping, sky-diving, running with the bulls; etc I’ve done that all. Architecture is cool; and live entrainment is addictive. But still, it’s people that make experiences; even if sometimes it’s just one person — and if that one person is you.

Favorite words of wanderlust wisdom?
Travel is for everyone. It makes us better people.
And read my blog. Go, seriously, check it out.

What’s your best advice for aspiring wanderlusters out there?”
Make your dreams into goals.





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