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    Our Soothing Playlist For Nervous Fliers

    Music has the incredible power of setting the tone for our experiences. A free-spirited song for your perfect road trip with the windows down, an ethereal mix for a quiet walk in the woods… music is the divine element that can transform and elevate our mindset. And that’s why having the perfect, soothing playlist for nervous fliers is imperative.  As a former nervous flier, there are certain prerequisites I need to truly feel ready to tackle a trip abroad an…

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  • Advice Airlines

    10 Tips To Survive Holiday Travel

    If you should be so lucky to avoid the hassle and absolute nightmare holiday travel can be – consider yourself extremely fortunate. There’s no doubt… traveling around the holidays is stressful. It’s anxiety-inducing, chaotic…

  • Airlines We Love: Air New Zealand

    Airlines We Love: Air New Zealand

    I always do my best thinking when up in the air. Swallowed by sky and clouds and the spanning oceans and sprawling landscapes below, I feel most in-tune with myself. Maybe because the time…