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    Curaçao: A Photo Diary

    Curaçao: A Photo Diary

    Imagine Curaçao, an island in the Dutch Antilles, known as the ABC Islands (along with Aruba and Bonaire). An island often overshadowed by neighboring Aruba but equally picturesque and uniquely its’ own. Imagine a Caribbean island without the threat of hurricanes and where rain is rarely in the forecast. Curaçao sits below the hurricane belt and remains a stunning 80 degrees year round. This Caribbean island proved to be the perfect place for a getaway.  Allow this Curaçao photo diary…

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  • The Fairytale Region of Alsace

    The Fairytale Region of Alsace

    Step into the storybook-like region of Alsace, France; Where the streets are full of half-timbered houses in soft, colorful hues. Located near the French-German border, this region has it’s history of being passed between…

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    Barbados: Beyond Expectations

    When traveling, experiences come in different ways. Some experiences you have to let happen while others you have to make happen. At times, you have to be aggressive. If there is something you want…