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Portofino Peninsula: A Photo Diary

One of the best ways to experience the charming towns along the coast of the Italian Riviera is by the sea. The rich and famous are often seen on yachts in the Italian Riviera. If a yacht isn’t an option, a ride on a ferry boat is a great way to experience the region. From my ferry boat, I was able to soak in the dazzling colors of the Portofino Peninsula and take in its splendor before even setting foot in the towns.

My ferry boat boarded in Rappalo, a small coastal resort town. Every detail of Rapallo was simply adorable. Even the sidewalks were adorned with stone mosaics in a flower design. Walking through this quaint town to find the port, I kept having to remind myself that this was only the departure point. I was already falling for the charm of the Italian Riviera and we still had so much more to see.

As our boat pulled away from Rapallo, I knew that this was going to be a day full of beautiful views and vibrant hues.

It was a quick ferry ride to our first stop, Santa Margherita. It was so picturesque. Small boats dotted the water and the town was built up on the hills.

The painted buildings of the Italian Riviera seem especially ornate in Santa Margherita. The architecturally simple buildings were painted in vibrant hues. Each detail including the shutters, bricks, curtains and even people are painted on the facade of the buildings.

Our boat followed the rugged coastline all the way to our next stop. The mountains jutted out of the sea to create this beautiful coast.

San Fruttuoso Abbey, which is only accessible from the sea or on footlaid nestled amid the rugged coast’s lush mountainside. From afar it looked harsh and dramatic. The closer we got, the more enchanting it became.

Our last stop stop was Portofino. I watched in awe as our ferry weaved through the fishing boats and yachts. This place was an actual paining that I couldn’t wait to explore. The sun washed jewel toned buildings drew us into the town. These colorfully painted buildings in Portofino stand tall, side-by-side lining the shore.

Walking up hill to get a birds eye view of the port below, I came to the conclusion that there in no bad angle of Portofino.





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  • Zhanna July 8, 2017 at 9:47 pm

    Beautiful pictures and nice diary! The towns really look charming. I’m sure you enjoyed your trip.

  • Julia September 4, 2017 at 6:18 pm

    Portofino looks so magical. I cant wait to go one day! Thanks for the inspiration.

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