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Packing Tips For A Cold Weather Trip

Packing Tips For A Cold Weather Trip

Any avid traveler will tell you that packing for a cold weather trip can be challenging, especially because the clothes you need are much more heavier and bulkier. To strike the balance between packing too much and not freezing, you can follow this checklist!

Choose Good Base Layers

Packing Tips For A Cold Weather Trip


Your choice of base layers is important because it’s your first line of protection against the cold. Base layers help trap heat. Popular fabrics include merino wool, bamboo extracts, synthetic fiber, and cotton. Merino wool is the most ideal, but it can be quite expensive. Wired suggests you get REI’s Midweight Base Layer Crew Top as it’s an affordable compromise. It’s made from a blend of polyester and spandex, and it effectively mimics merino’s sweat-resistant properties. Pack at least two to three base layers, depending on your length of stay. You also need to bring a few short-sleeved wool shirts and at least two pairs of liner socks.

Don’t Take Your PJs For Granted

Packing Tips For A Cold Weather Trip


Just because you’re going somewhere cold doesn’t mean you can’t wear pajamas. In fact, it makes them even more essential. You need to make sure that you pack clothing that will keep you warm throughout the night—especially if you’re on an adventure holiday where you could be sleeping in a tent or log cabin where there’s little to no heating. The variety of pajamas on Woman Within show how the sets cover the whole the body and most are made from thermal fabric. These will help keep you warm at night, and are comfortable enough to be worn during the day as emergency undergarments if the temperature drops to obscene levels.

Opt For Lightweight Jackets

Packing Tips For A Cold Weather Trip


Instead of bringing a fleece, The Planet D recommends you take a lightweight down jacket with you instead. The Patagonia Down Sweater is highly recommended as it’s versatile, light, and good for backpacking. It’s a great mid layer for when you’re going skiing and it has a beautiful crossover appeal, too. The Feathered Friends Eos is also a great choice as it only packs an impressive 3.7 ounces of 900-fill down. Although it only comes in a limited color selection and the hood isn’t adjustable, it’s built for performance.

Go For Cargo Or Hiking Pants

Packing Tips For A Cold Weather Trip

IMAGE SOURCE: Travel and Leisure

When it comes to your choice of pants, cargo is the best, but hiking pants will also work great, especially if you’re off on a winter adventure. Make sure you get ones that are warm, breathable, and light. Travel and Leisure’s top choice is the North Face ‘Aphrodite’ FlashDry Hiking Pants, which has triple-needle stitching for ease of movement. It’s super stretchy, lightweight, and doesn’t absorb moisture, perfect for summer treks in cold places like Iceland. Denim pants are a great choice, too, if you want something that could double as casual wear.

Choose Shoes And Accessories Smartly

Your boots should be comfortable, waterproof, and warm without compromising style. One of your best bets is the Columbia Women’s Minx Mid II Omni-Heat Winter Boots. It has Omni-Heat technology that will keep you dry and comfortable no matter your winter activities. Make sure you also bring a pair of durable winter gloves, a thick scarf, a knit beanie, and a hat.

Packing Tips For A Cold Weather Trip

Don’t forget to keep your gadgets safe, too. On Dame Traveler we recommend the Claremont bag for your camera as it’s durable and stylish. You might also want to pack MyCharge’s Razor Platinum Charger— a powerful portable charger that can even power a MacBook.

What are your classic cold-weather items you always pack?

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