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5 Ways to Create Your Own Adventures in Life!

I’ll never forget my first big trip backpacking trip through Central America in my early 20’s. It’s a feeling that is hard to describe; a feeling of freedom, bliss, discovery, inspiration and possibility. It changed my life forever. There was no going back to normal and for years chased that feeling. felt like I wasn’t really living unless I was traveling. One-way tickets and solo trips became the norm and I saw a lot, did a lot and made many incredible memories. 

I had the time of my life, but after a while I felt like I was searching for something. Maybe the perfect beach, or the perfect experience or maybe even myself. I began to realize that as inspiring as my surroundings were that I didn’t only want to “live” when I was traveling– I wanted to live fully at home, too. Freedom is a state of mind and I wanted to bottle that travel feeling and pack it in my suitcase to bring home as the ultimate souvenir. 

Fast forward to now, I’ve found what I was looking for and it’s been inside of me the whole time–my creativity. I just needed to learn how to access it. Once I did, that restless feeling dimmed (just a little), and I learned how to create my own adventure in the world.  

 Here are 5 simple ways to create your own adventures:

  1. Develop interest in life as you see it. Follow your fascinations, curiosities, interests and try new things. Don’t worry about where it’s going. Just take the first right step. 
  2.  Change up your routine even if really small. Small tweaks can make a big difference and stay open to what you might discover. When we try new things we naturally compare them with old things and this can produce radical insights and open new doors of possibility. 
  3. Explore your city like a tourist. Get lost. Explore someplace new. Walk, bus, take a ferry, train, bike, etc. Take pictures of what’s exciting you (as you would on vacation).
  4. Talk with a stranger.
  5. Use what excites you in life as fuel to tap into your creativity and take up a new creative hobby. This will encourage you to do more of the things that you love! Winning!

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